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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which distant ancestor of Dona Sinhàzinha is used to explain her tragic end?
(a) Dom Pedro II.
(b) Colonel Luís Antônio d'Ávila.
(c) Teodoro de Castro.
(d) Ofenísia.

2. How much time elapses between Mundinho's announcement that an engineer will be sent from Rio and the arrival of Dr. Rômulo Vieira?
(a) Less than two weeks.
(b) More than three years.
(c) More than three months.
(d) Less than six weeks.

3. What makes the Dos Reis sisters famous in Ilhéus?
(a) Their charitable works.
(b) Having bad tempers.
(c) Their restaurant.
(d) Their Nativity tableau.

4. Who begins to pursue Risoleta's affections at the cabaret in front of Nacib?
(a) Dr. Ezequiel.
(b) Prince Sandra.
(c) Tonico Bastos.
(d) Mundinho Falção.

5. What adjective is used to describe Chico?
(a) Handsome.
(b) Strong.
(c) Intelligent.
(d) Lazy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who objects to Anabela the ballerina's performance on grounds of morality?

2. According to João Fulgêncio, why is Gloria a public utility and a social necessity?

3. What item does Clemente carry with him during his journey to Ilhéus?

4. Who is the only person in the bar to openly express sadness at the killing of Dona Sinhàzinha?

5. Where does Dona Arminda announce that she is going when she meets Gabriela?

Short Essay Questions

1. What innovation do Jacob the Russian and Moacir Estrêla introduce to Ilhéus? Why is this significant?

2. What project are the Dos Reis sisters famous for engaging in every year? When is this project displayed? How has this project changed in recent years?

3. Why has Filomena finally decided to go and live with her son in Água Preta? Who brings Nacib the news of her departure, and why does he disregard the notice?

4. Is Nacib interested in being married? Why has he not yet married?

5. When Nhô-Galo suggests that Gabriela would win in an election as a candidate for Mayor, whom does João Fulgêncio expect would not support her? Why is this not a problem, even hypothetically?

6. Why does Gabriela agree to help Fagundes by going out alone to look for Whitey? Why is this potentially dangerous for her?

7. What complaint about married life does Nacib share with Tonico? What does Nacib suspect is the cause for this change in Gabriela's behavior?

8. What improvements have been made in Ilhéus under Colonel Ramiro Bastos? What improvement suggestions has he ignored?

9. Why does Fernand, the chef-de-cuisine from Rio, leave Ilhéus? Whom does Nacib hire to replace him at the last minute?

10. Whom does Nacib see walking towards the beach with Mundinho Falção? What are they doing, and what does this make Nacib suspect?

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