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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position is the Captain given after he loses the position of official orator?
(a) Librarian.
(b) Treasurer.
(c) Secretary.
(d) Vice president.

2. Who scares Fernand the chef away from Ilhéus?
(a) Tonico Bastos.
(b) Whitey.
(c) Tuísca.
(d) Sete Voltas.

3. Where does Colonel Ramiro Bastos spend most of his time?
(a) In Seabra Plaza.
(b) At the Progress Club.
(c) At his cacao plantation.
(d) In bed.

4. Who leads the group of hoodlums that attempt to beat up the engineer in charge of the sandbar project in an effort to force him to leave Ilhéus?
(a) Colonel Melk Tavares.
(b) Whitey.
(c) Colonel Amâncio Leal.
(d) Colonel Ramiro Bastos.

5. With which women does Mundinho Falção dance during the ball?
(a) Malvina and Celestina.
(b) Gloria and Gabriela.
(c) Gabriela and Malvina.
(d) Iracema and Jerusa.

6. Who offers Gabriela a house of her own if she leaves Nacib?
(a) Colonel Manuel of the Jaguars.
(b) Tonico Bastos.
(c) Colonel Ribeirinho.
(d) The Judge.

7. Which of Gabriela's friends stops coming to visit her after she becomes Mrs. Saad?
(a) Clemente.
(b) Fagundes.
(c) Tonico.
(d) Tuísca.

8. How does Colonel Melk Tavares punish his daughter for her disobedience?
(a) He beats her with a whip.
(b) He burns her with a branding iron.
(c) He sends her to a convent.
(d) He locks her in her room.

9. What bar does Tonico frequent after the incident between him and Gabriela?
(a) The Green Apple.
(b) The Commerce Bar.
(c) The Golden Nectar.
(d) The El Dorado.

10. Who attends the party after the federal examination supervisor's lecture and causes an uproar?
(a) Gloria.
(b) Malvina.
(c) Jerusa.
(d) Gabriela.

11. Who speaks at the opening ceremony for the School of Industrial Arts and Crafts?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Felipe the shoemaker.
(c) Dr. Maurício Caires.
(d) The Doctor.

12. What does Colonel Altino advise Mundinho to do when he is visiting the Àguas Pretas plantation?
(a) Fight back against Colonel Ramiro Bastos.
(b) Marry Malvina.
(c) Send the engineer back to Rio.
(d) Concede to Colonel Ramiro Bastos.

13. Who is the director of the rehearsals for the Christmas pageant?
(a) Felipe the shoemaker.
(b) El Negro Fagundes.
(c) Nilo the dock worker.
(d) Dora the seamstress.

14. What happens to Aristóteles after leaving the hospital?
(a) He is struck by lightning.
(b) He is involved in a bus accident.
(c) He recovers and gains some weight.
(d) He becomes gravely ill and dies.

15. Whom does Gabriela run into at the circus?
(a) Tonico Bastos.
(b) The Captain.
(c) Professor Josué.
(d) The Doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What novel does Malvina purchase despite the fact that some consider the book to be inappropriate for girls to read?

2. What role does Tuísca play in his circus performance?

3. Why does Dona Arminda believe that Gabriela must be a natural spirit medium?

4. What part of the sandbar project do the townspeople never tire of watching?

5. Which character is driven by Christian charity to sit in the seat vacated by Dr. Alfredo's wife at the lecture on New Currents in Modern Literature?

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