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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What threat does Malvina make when confronted by her father?
(a) She will kill herself.
(b) She will kill him.
(c) She will run away with the engineer.
(d) She will join a convent.

2. What does Colonel Altino advise Tonico Bastos to do?
(a) To sabotage Mundinho's political campaign.
(b) To abandon his father and work on behalf of Mundinho.
(c) To convince his father to compromise with Mundinho.
(d) To stay with his father and obey him.

3. For what favor is Gabriela indebted to Fagundes?
(a) Providing food for her.
(b) Protecting her from Clemente.
(c) Carrying her sick uncle.
(d) Giving her money.

4. Who is grateful to Gabriela for bringing news of Fagundes' escape?
(a) Colonel Ramiro Bastos.
(b) Dona Arminda.
(c) Tonico Bastos.
(d) João Fulgêncio.

5. What does Nhô-Galo declare to be the greatest proof of love?
(a) Kisses.
(b) Fidelity.
(c) Sacrifice.
(d) Expensive gifts.

6. Who escorts Gabriela home from Colonel Ramiro Bastos' house on the night of the manhunt?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Alfredo Bastos, his wife, and Jerusa.
(c) Tonico Bastos.
(d) Dr. Demosthenes.

7. Why is the bird that Nacib purchases for Gabriela called a sofrê?
(a) It has a sad song.
(b) It is yellow.
(c) It is beautiful.
(d) It is small.

8. Where does Colonel Ramiro Bastos spend most of his time?
(a) At the Progress Club.
(b) At his cacao plantation.
(c) In Seabra Plaza.
(d) In bed.

9. Where is Fernand, the chef sent from Rio, originally from?
(a) France.
(b) Spain.
(c) Portugal.
(d) Bahia.

10. Who offers Gabriela a house of her own if she leaves Nacib?
(a) Colonel Manuel of the Jaguars.
(b) Colonel Ribeirinho.
(c) Tonico Bastos.
(d) The Judge.

11. Who informs Nacib that Colonel Ribeirinho has offered Gabriela a house and jewelry?
(a) Tonico Bastos.
(b) Dona Arminda.
(c) Lazy Chico.
(d) Tuísca.

12. Whom does Gabriela run into at the circus?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Tonico Bastos.
(c) The Doctor.
(d) Professor Josué.

13. What does Malvina want to do when she finishes school at the end of the year?
(a) Go to medical school.
(b) Work in an office.
(c) Become a midwife.
(d) Get married.

14. Who is the only person who keeps his decorum around Gabriela and treats her like a lady in Nacib's presence?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Professor Josué.
(c) The Judge.
(d) Tonico Bastos.

15. Which of Gabriela's friends stops coming to visit her after she becomes Mrs. Saad?
(a) Fagundes.
(b) Clemente.
(c) Tonico.
(d) Tuísca.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the opinion of the federal examination supervisor of the event organized to inaugurate the Commercial Association's library?

2. What is the only thing that Malvina likes about Ilhéus?

3. What happens to the bird that Nacib purchases for Gabriela?

4. At the dance for the inauguration for the new headquarters of the Commerical Association, with whom does Malvina dance every dance?

5. How far away from the village is Colonel Altino's Águas Claras plantation located?

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