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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Fourth Chapter: The Moonlight of Gabriela, Sections titled Of an Inspired Bard and his Mundane Needs, Of Mrs. Saad's Conformity and Nonconformity, Of Candidates and Deep-Sea Divers, and The Man Hunt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tonico tells Nacib that which of Ilhéus' illustrious gentlemen is interested in setting up Gabriela in a house of her own?
(a) Colonel Manuel of the Jaguars.
(b) Colonel Melk Tavares.
(c) Colonel Ribeirinho.
(d) Colonel Ramiro Bastos.

2. Who teaches Gabriela to wear a rose behind her ear?
(a) Lazy Chico.
(b) Felipe the shoemaker.
(c) Nacib.
(d) Tuísca.

3. All of Dr. Argileu Palmeira's children are named after ______________.
(a) Cities of the world.
(b) Precious stones.
(c) Greek gods and heroes.
(d) Brazilian beaches.

4. Who takes the rose that Gabriela wears behind her ear and puts it in his buttonhole?
(a) Dr. Ezequiel Prado.
(b) The Judge.
(c) The Doctor.
(d) The Captain.

5. Who leads the group of hoodlums that attempt to beat up the engineer in charge of the sandbar project in an effort to force him to leave Ilhéus?
(a) Colonel Melk Tavares.
(b) Colonel Amâncio Leal.
(c) Whitey.
(d) Colonel Ramiro Bastos.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time elapses between Mundinho's announcement that an engineer will be sent from Rio and the arrival of Dr. Rômulo Vieira?

2. What item does Clemente carry with him during his journey to Ilhéus?

3. What part of the sandbar project do the townspeople never tire of watching?

4. Where will Anabela's dance performance take place?

5. What does Nacib tell Mundinho that Colonel Ramiro Bastos called him?

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