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Part One, First Chapter: The Languor of Ofenísia, Sections titled Of the Sun and the Rain and a Small Miracle, Of the Mixture of Past and Future in the Streets of Ilhéus, Of the Notables at the Fish Market, and Of the Doctor's Claim to Noble but Not Imp

• Ilhéus is suffering from lack of rain, and the cacao crop is being threatened.

• The townspeople of Ilhéus stage a procession for St. George's Day to pray for rain.

• The rains come and save the cacao crop, but excessive rain threatens the crop as well.

• The rains stop, and a record cacao crop characterizes the 1925-1926 season.

• Jacob the Russian and Moacir Estrêla establish a bus line between Ilhéus and Itabuna, cutting the travel time between the cities from 3 hours to 1.5 hours.

• Notable men in Ilhéus meet in the mornings at the...

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