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Gregory Benford
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Toby removes the Shibo chip, what does he do to make himself harder to find?
(a) He compresses his sensorium.
(b) He emits jumbled signals from his sensorium.
(c) He uses camouflage.
(d) He creates a magnetic distraction.

2. What does Toby do when he is attacked in "The Pain of Eternity?"
(a) He calls up Quath's signal.
(b) He shoots the thing that attacks him.
(c) He cries for help.
(d) He dives for cover.

3. What does the dwarf on the pyramid ask Toby?
(a) "Where've you been?"
(b) "Are you hungry?"
(c) "Who are you?"
(d) "How'd you get here?"

4. In "The Pain of Eternity," what part of Toby is injured during the attack?
(a) His left leg.
(b) His right side.
(c) His left foot.
(d) His right foot.

5. What does Toby hear when he wakes up in "Unsettled Movement?"
(a) Killeen's voice.
(b) Shibo singing.
(c) A buzzing noise.
(d) Quath telling him to wake up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after a weight descends on Toby in "Eating the Storm?"

2. What is the real family name of the woman Toby meets in the maize fields?

3. What does Toby realize about the "Sea of Sands?"

4. In "The Esty Wind," to what does Quath compare construction in the esty?

5. What does the injured man say to Toby in "Casualties?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the injured man in "Casualties."

2. In "Unsettled Movement," what do Toby and Quath discuss?

3. In "Hard Spark," why does Quath say that water is scarce?

4. Why do the mechs and argue in "Animal Spirits?"

5. In "Passing Currents," how does Toby describe the disturbance that flattened him?

6. How does Shibo try to stop Toby from removing her chip from his head?

7. What is the woman doing in the maize fields?

8. What does Killeen's image tell Toby?

9. Why do Toby and the Shibo Personality argue in "The Rock of Chaos?"

10. What do Toby and Quath do at the end of "The Esty Wind?"

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