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Gregory Benford
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Rock of Chaos," what does Quath tell Toby about the Lanes?
(a) That the Lanes are doorways to True Center.
(b) That the Lanes evolve by interacting.
(c) That the Lanes shift without logic.
(d) That the Lanes shift along a curvature.

2. According to Quath, what is "the Redoubt?"
(a) An ancient text.
(b) An event in humans' history.
(c) A place where mechs live.
(d) A place for humans to retire.

3. What does the stranger say to Toby at the start of "Casualties?"
(a) That a man wants to talk with him.
(b) That Abraham is here.
(c) That he needs to leave before the mechs arrive.
(d) That Killeen is looking for him.

4. How does the Mantis communicate with Toby?
(a) Through his Isaac Aspect.
(b) Through Shibo.
(c) Through electromagnetic waves.
(d) Through a chip in Toby's spinal slot.

5. What image plays on Toby's retina as he recovers from his spark-induced injuries?
(a) The Mantis is attacking the Family Bishop.
(b) Quath is fighting the Mantis.
(c) Toby is inside something with wheels that fly.
(d) Toby is attending a celebration on Snowglade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Toby do after he removes the Shibo chip?

2. In "Animal Spirits," what does think about the members of Argo?

3. From where does Toby think the storm came?

4. What is the real family name of the woman Toby meets in the maize fields?

5. What does Killeen's image tell Toby in the operational center?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Passing Currents," how does Toby describe the disturbance that flattened him?

2. Describe the memories Toby has when he is in the maize field.

3. In "Eating the Storm," what does Toby realize about the violence down the Lane?

4. How does Shibo try to stop Toby from removing her chip from his head?

5. According to Quath, why is Toby's hand pinned to a rock in "Time's Grip?"

6. What is the message that the injured man has for Toby in "Casualties?"

7. In "The Sea of Sands," how does Toby learn that the Mantis has found him?

8. Why do the mechs and argue in "Animal Spirits?"

9. What is Toby doing at the end of "Rational Laughter?"

10. Describe what happens when Toby is attacked in "The Pain of Eternity."

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