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Gregory Benford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Toby shelter from the cold in "The Pain of Eternity?"
(a) Inside a cave.
(b) Inside a slender tube.
(c) Inside an oblong building.
(d) Inside a rubber flyer.

2. What does Toby do when he is attacked in "The Pain of Eternity?"
(a) He cries for help.
(b) He calls up Quath's signal.
(c) He dives for cover.
(d) He shoots the thing that attacks him.

3. What holds Toby to Quath as they fall from the esty?
(a) Gravity.
(b) One of Quath's arms.
(c) Centrifugal force.
(d) A suction device.

4. What does Toby think of the injured man's new face?
(a) It reminds him of someone.
(b) It will not work out.
(c) It looks like a mask.
(d) It looks real.

5. What is the real family name of the woman Toby meets in the maize fields?
(a) Tutor.
(b) Bahai.
(c) Rook.
(d) Buddha.

6. In "The Rock of Chaos," what happens when the timestone ruptures?
(a) The Redoubt starts to disintegrate.
(b) A stalk-thing pokes out.
(c) Quath falls into a crevice.
(d) A mech flies out.

7. In "The Pain of Eternity," what part of Toby is injured during the attack?
(a) His right side.
(b) His left foot.
(c) His left leg.
(d) His right foot.

8. Who does Toby encounter in the beginning of "The Sea of Sand?"
(a) Quath.
(b) An old wrinkled couple.
(c) A girl and her father.
(d) Killeen and Cermo.

9. In "Animal Spirits," what does think about the members of Argo?
(a) thinks they are valuable forms.
(b) thinks they are primitive and should be exterminated.
(c) thinks they pose a danger to the mechs.
(d) thinks they are insignicant forms.

10. Why can't Toby move his hand when he awakens in the Redoubt?
(a) Toby is too weak to move it.
(b) It is injured.
(c) Someone is holding it down.
(d) It has become part of the rock.

11. What have the people in "Rational Laughter" survived?
(a) Torture.
(b) Invasion by the Mantis.
(c) Battles with the mechs.
(d) Severe drought.

12. In "The Rock of Chaos," what does Quath tell Toby about the Lanes?
(a) That the Lanes shift without logic.
(b) That the Lanes are doorways to True Center.
(c) That the Lanes evolve by interacting.
(d) That the Lanes shift along a curvature.

13. How does Toby evade the mech sniffer in "Salvage?"
(a) He swims underwater.
(b) He scrambles its sensors.
(c) He hides in the shadows.
(d) He shoots it.

14. What does Toby want to do in "Unsettled Movement?"
(a) Name the mountains.
(b) Remember his childhood.
(c) Bathe in a stream.
(d) Talk to Isaac.

15. What information did the esty dwellers want from Quath?
(a) Information about how the Myriapodia evolved.
(b) Information about the mechs' work on antimatter.
(c) Information about Toby and his kind.
(d) Information about The Hunker Down.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Quath returns from her interrogation, what does she say Killeen wants from Toby?

2. According to Quath, what is "the Redoubt?"

3. How do the people in "Rational Laughter" treat Toby?

4. What does the dwarf on the pyramid ask Toby?

5. What does Toby do when he finds the dead bird that spoke to him?

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