Furious Gulf Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gregory Benford
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Prologue | Part 1, Chapter 1 Techno-Nomads

• In "Prologue" and "Techno-Nomads," the remaining members of the Family Bishop inhabit a spaceship named Argo.

• Killeen, the ship's captain, wants to go to True Center to learn the family's history.

• However, Toby and much of the crew want to search for food because they are starving.

• Killeen and Toby see a snakelike creature, which they think may be edible or may lead them to something edible.

• Killeen directs the crew to follow the creature into a particle storm.

Part 1, Chapter 2 The Sail-Snake | Part 1, Chapter 3 The Rule of Number

• In "The Sail-Snake" and "The Rule of Number," Toby visits an alien, Quath, who lives on the hull of the Argo.

• Quath takes Toby to see the sail-snake, from which Toby takes a sample of red fluid.

• Because Toby disobeyed orders by going with Quath, he must complete five mathematics lessons.

• Toby is called to...

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