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Adrienne Kennedy
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Duchess' father do to her mother?
(a) He raped her.
(b) He killed her.
(c) He divorced her.
(d) He married her.

2. What is the African-American man's dream symbolic of?
(a) Sarah's mother's fear of intimacy with an African-American male.
(b) Sarah's fear of intimacy.
(c) The Landlady's fear of intimacy.
(d) Sarah's fear of rejection.

3. What does "Negro" wear around her neck?
(a) A noose.
(b) A crucifix necklace.
(c) A scarf.
(d) A tie.

4. What is symbolic about the African-American man's hair?
(a) It represents Sarah's growth.
(b) It represents nothing.
(c) It represents Sarah's shedding of African American identity.
(d) It represents the the change in society.

5. What was happening to the person the African-American man dreamed about?
(a) He or she was dying.
(b) He or she was losing their hair.
(c) He or she was getting a hair cut.
(d) He or she was bleeding.

6. What city does "Negro" tell the audience she lives in?
(a) New York.
(b) Nashville.
(c) Memphis.
(d) Baltimore.

7. Who does the African-American man say he dreamed about?
(a) God.
(b) His mother.
(c) His father.
(d) His uncle.

8. What does Queen Victoria discover in her scene?
(a) The Duchess is dead.
(b) Her mother is dying.
(c) Her hair is falling out.
(d) Her limbs are rotting.

9. What did the person the African-American man dreamed about do to the African-American man?
(a) Kissed him.
(b) Chased him.
(c) Hurt him.
(d) Hugged him.

10. What color does "Negro" believe to be the color of evil?
(a) Black.
(b) Red.
(c) White.
(d) Green.

11. How does Sarah claim she killed her father?
(a) She shot him.
(b) She knocked him over the head.
(c) She stabbed him.
(d) She hanged him.

12. What is the Duchess afraid of in Part 2?
(a) The Queen.
(b) Her sister.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her mother.

13. What is the play's stage setting supposed to represent?
(a) A funhouse.
(b) A circus.
(c) Downtown Harlem.
(d) A farm.

14. What does Queen Victoria say in her scene with the Duchess in Part 2?
(a) The scene is silent.
(b) That she is beautiful.
(c) That she is free.
(d) The Queen mumbles.

15. Who does the Duchess represent?
(a) An element of Sarah.
(b) An element of black history.
(c) An element of the Landlady.
(d) An element of the author.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the white statue in "Negro's" room of?

2. What sound is heard throughout Part 2?

3. What does "Negro" claim is her only African-American feature?

4. What does the African-American man say happened to his hair?

5. What happens because of the African-American man's feelings about himself?

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