Funnyhouse of a Negro Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Adrienne Kennedy
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Part 1

• Part 1

• The play opens in Sarah's room.

• A white woman in a nightgown walks across the stage muttering.

• When the white woman leaves the stage the curtain goes up revealing the Duchess of Hapsburg and Queen Victoria in the Queen's bedroom.

• The Duchess of Hapsburg and Queen Victoria discuss the knocking sound. The knocking is the Duchess' father.

• The Duchess' father raped her mother.

• The muttering white woman returns but now the audience knows she is saying "I will never let a black man touch me"

• A character by the name of "Negro" appears.

• "Negro" dresses in black and wears a noose around her neck.

• "Negro" discusses how she used to be a student and a poet.

• "Negro" longs for white friends.

• "Negro" claims that self-recognition leads her to kill her father.

• "Negro" transforms into Sarah.

• Sarah tells the audience the rooms around her are a funnyhouse...

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