Fun Home Fun Activities

Alison Bechdel
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Create a Comic Strip

Fun Home is a mix of two genres: memoir and graphic novel. Create your own comic that tells a story from your life.


Write your own brief memoir, describing an event in your life or a period that stands out to you. Consider including events that tie into the themes from Fun Home.

Homosexuality in the 1960s vs. Today

Conduct research and develop a presentation that examines perceptions of homosexuality in America in the 1960s-1970s versus today. How have the rights and views of gays changed in the past 60 years?

News Clipping

Look in your local newspaper or archives for an article that involves some aspect of the graphic autobiography and bring it to class. You will present it in front of the class and explain how it relates to the book.


Write your own obituary for Bruce Bechdel based on...

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