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Alison Bechdel
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Alison Bechdel

This is the author and narrator of the memoir. She relates the story of her life from childhood until the age of 19.

Bruce Bechdel

This is the narrator's father. He was an Army veteran with a passion for house restoration and feminine things like lace curtains, but was seen as relatively cold and distant by the author and her siblings.

John Bechdel

This is the author's youngest brother. While in New York in 1976, he was very nearly picked up by a gay pedophile.

Christian Bechdel

This brother to the author seemed to draw the wrath of his father like no others, begging his father not to hit him one night while accidentally dropping the Christmas tree he was trying to help his father set up.

Helen Bechdel

This is the author's mother. She married her husband out of the belief she would have an adventurous and exciting...

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