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The continent with whom Athos is obsessed.

Athens, Greece

The capital of Greece.

Biskupin, Poland

An archaeological site in Poland that begins to be excavated in 1934.

Idhra Island, Greece

A bare, blue rock covered by wildflowers.

Odessa, Ukraine

A major port city on the Black Sea.

Salonika, Greece

A major Greek seaport both in ancient in and modern times.


Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler's agency for proving that only Germanic culture is authentic.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After World War II, Athanasios (Athos) Roussos accepts a teaching position in the geography department at a University in this city.

Weston, Ontario, Canada

Ben's father, a paranoid Holocaust survivor, settles in here rather than the ethnic neighborhoods of the larger city nearby.


One of the Ionian Islands located off the western coast of Greece.

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