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Book I, The Drowned City

• Jakob Beer emerges from the Beskupin archeological site. It is a bog, preserved in peat.

• It is deliberately smashed and buried by the Nazis. They had come for his family. He was small enough to hide.

• They killed his mother and father, and took his fifteen year old sister.

• Where he is hiding at the river he thinks he sees the spirits of the dead ascending.

• He feels his mother inside him saying goodbye. He runs into the forest where he hides during the day.
• He hunts for food at night and dreams of his sister, Bella. One day he senses that she has died.

• Jakob approaches a man who is digging, named Athos, who hides him under his coat and into his car.

• He is able to get Jakob out of there and takes him to Zakynthos Island, Greece.

• Bella remains inside...

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