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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rooms will Peter's family share with the Tubmans?
(a) The kitchen and the bathroom.
(b) The dining room and the kitchen.
(c) The bathroom and the living room.
(d) The living room and the kitchen.

2. What reason does Fudge give for calling his brother by the nickname Pete?
(a) It makes him feel more grown-up.
(b) It's shorter and takes less time.
(c) It's easier to say.
(d) It's a better name for a big brother.

3. What has Sheila done to prepare for babysitting?
(a) Taken a course.
(b) Studied a book.
(c) Practiced with dolls.
(d) Taken care of a neighbor's cat.

4. What reason does Fudge give that he's Tootsie's favorite brother?
(a) He always helps Tootsie when she needs help.
(b) He always listens to Tootsie.
(c) He always knows what Tootsie wants.
(d) He always gives Tootsie hugs.

5. What song does Peter sing in answer to Sheila?
(a) Crazy for You.
(b) Why Do Fools Fall in Love.
(c) Seems Like Old Times.
(d) Some Enchanted Evening.

6. How does Peter feel about the first hour in Maine?
(a) It's perfect except for Sheila.
(b) He loves it.
(c) It's a disaster.
(d) He thinks it's hilarious.

7. How many people and animals, aside from Jimmy, does Pete say will be staying in their vacation house?
(a) Five people and two animals.
(b) Six people and one animal.
(c) Six people and two animals.
(d) Five people and three animals.

8. What color is Fudge's slicker?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Red.
(c) Blue.
(d) Green.

9. What does Fudge say he wants to be when he grows up?
(a) A bird breecher.
(b) A bird breather.
(c) A bird beader.
(d) A bird bringer.

10. What does Mrs. A give Peter to drink?
(a) Tea with milk and sugar.
(b) Tea with honey and lemon.
(c) Warm milk with honey.
(d) Cocoa with marshmellows.

11. What topic does Peter bring up to try to get Fudge to change the subject?
(a) Fighter planes.
(b) Dinosaurs.
(c) Aliens.
(d) Ghosts.

12. What color is Sheila's dog, Jake?
(a) Red and brown.
(b) Black and white.
(c) Tan and black.
(d) White and brown.

13. Why can't Uncle Feather be Fudge's friend on the trip?
(a) Sheila won't like Uncle Feather.
(b) Fudge can't talk with Uncle Feather.
(c) Uncle Feather can't go on the trip.
(d) Fudge can't play with Uncle Feather.

14. Where do Peter and his family eat supper?
(a) At Tico-Taco.
(b) At the Corner Tea House.
(c) At Burger Meister.
(d) At Marcott's Restaurant.

15. What does Fudge say that he's doing sitting on a tree branch?
(a) Escaping from dogs.
(b) Planning a treehouse.
(c) Pretending he's a monkey.
(d) Resting after breakfast.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Tootsie?

2. What does Mrs. A think Peter and Fudge's last name is?

3. What does Fudge usually call Peter?

4. Why does Sheila open all the windows when she gets up?

5. What did Peter's grandmother teach him to do?

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