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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6: The Perfect Baby-Sitter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter do to scare Sheila when he joins her and Fudge?
(a) He touches her shoulder.
(b) He tickles her foot.
(c) He screams.
(d) He barks at her.

2. Why can't Uncle Feather be Fudge's friend on the trip?
(a) Uncle Feather can't go on the trip.
(b) Fudge can't talk with Uncle Feather.
(c) Sheila won't like Uncle Feather.
(d) Fudge can't play with Uncle Feather.

3. What does Fudge say that he's doing sitting on a tree branch?
(a) Pretending he's a monkey.
(b) Escaping from dogs.
(c) Planning a treehouse.
(d) Resting after breakfast.

4. What song does Peter sing in answer to Sheila?
(a) Why Do Fools Fall in Love.
(b) Some Enchanted Evening.
(c) Seems Like Old Times.
(d) Crazy for You.

5. How many people and animals, aside from Jimmy, does Pete say will be staying in their vacation house?
(a) Five people and three animals.
(b) Five people and two animals.
(c) Six people and two animals.
(d) Six people and one animal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Peter's reaction when he finds out Shiela Tubman will be his next-door neighbor over vacation?

2. What does Peter do when he accidentally hits his head on the sloped ceiling of his room?

3. How does Fudge respond to Peter's reaction to finding out Shiela Tubman will be his next-door neighbor over vacation?

4. What did Peter's grandmother teach him to do?

5. What is Grandma trying to feed to Tootsie when Peter comes downstairs in the morning?

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