Objects & Places from Frostbite

Richelle Mead
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Lissa gives Rose this to be worn on the wrist, that once belonged to the guardian of Lissa's great-grandmother.


This is a pendant that has what looks like an eye, believed to ward off the evil eye.


Adrian sends Rose a box filled with this.

Black Eye

Janine accidentally gives Rose this during a training session.

Molnija Marks

These are lightning-shaped tattoos placed on the back of a guardian's neck to signify each Strigoi the guardian has killed.


These are vampires who are still living beings.


These are more traditional vampires who are not living beings, who have extreme strength and senses, but cannot stand sunlight.


These are half-human with some of the strength and senses of vampires, but they can tolerate sunlight well and do not need to drink blood.


These have been specially trained to protect the royal families...

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