Frostbite Character Descriptions

Richelle Mead
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Rose Hathaway

This character has recently returned to the academy after running away for two years.

Lissa Dragomir

This character is the final living member of the royal family.

Dimitri Belikov

This character is a twenty-four-year-old dhampir who works as combat trainer at St. Vladimir's Academy.

Janine Hathaway

This character is not like other dhampir women who made the choice to have children and raise them.

Tasha Ozera

This character has integrated herself into human society for her own protection.

Christian Ozera

This character's parents became Strigoi, causing his whole family's loyalty to Moroi to be questioned.

Mason Ashford

This character has gone to kill the Strigoi they think are living in Spokane.

Mia Rinalti

This character uses her magic element, water, to help her new friend fight the Strigoi.

Adrian Ivashkov

This character is a member of a royal Moroi family that is notorious for reckless behavior...

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