Frostbite Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richelle Mead
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Prologue and Chapters 1-2

• In the prologue, Rose tells about the 3 different kinds of vampires. Strigoi are traditional vampires who must drink blood.

• Moroi are still living, but have magical powers. Dhampirs and half human half Strigoi. Many of them train to be guardians of royal vampire families.

• Rose is at Vladimir Academy to train to be the guardian of Lissa, her best friend, and the girl who raised her from the dead when she was hit by a car.
• Rose has been away from the school for 2 years protecting Lissa, who was kidnapped for her healing powers.

• Lissa's magic has been getting stronger, and she thinks her depression medication may no longer be working.

• Rose goes with Dimitri, her trainer, to take her guardian qualifier test. She is in love with Dimitri, but since they are to be Lissa's guardians, cannot be together.
• At the house meant...

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