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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Grant supposed to meet after he killed Bond?
(a) Klemintine
(b) Klebb
(c) Khruschev
(d) General G

2. How does Bond kill Kerim's attacker?
(a) Strangles him
(b) Bites him
(c) Stabs him
(d) Shoots him

3. Who does Bond find in the appointed meeting place?
(a) An old woman
(b) General G
(c) M
(d) A youg girl

4. Who do Tatiana and Bond have lunch with?
(a) Kerim
(b) General G
(c) Klebb
(d) Grant

5. Where did Q hide Bond's knife?
(a) His boot sole
(b) His wallet
(c) His attache case
(d) His pants leg

Short Answer Questions

1. Who watches Bond and Tatiana spend the night together?

2. How does the group of Russians watch Bond and Tatiana in bed?

3. What does Kerim intend to steal from another Russian?

4. Where does Kerim say Bond should be while he kills the faceless one's leader?

5. What does Bond have all over his body when he wakes up?

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