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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Grant have to prove himself to the Russian government?
(a) He had to go on a mission
(b) He had to meet the President
(c) He had to kill his family
(d) He had to undergo torture

2. What is Tatiana doing when her boss calls her?
(a) Playing chess
(b) Writing a letter
(c) Eating dinner
(d) Talking to friends

3. What of the following nations does the Foreign Ministry not suggest as a potential target?
(a) Britain
(b) Italy
(c) USA
(d) Hungary

4. Where does Klebb hit Grant?
(a) In the teeth
(b) In the stomach
(c) In the back
(d) In the groin

5. Whay is Tatiana frightened of meeting Klebb?
(a) Klebb is known to randomly kill workers
(b) It will be the first time she has met her
(c) Klebb is a sexual pervert
(d) She thinks she has done something wrong

6. Why is it not wise for a leader to speak up during a meeting?
(a) They all have a bomb under their chair
(b) General G does not like people to disagree with him
(c) His words could come back to hurt him
(d) MI5 listen into the meetings

7. Why does Kronsteen think that Klebb is ruthless?
(a) She killed her father
(b) She kills when she is bored
(c) She killed her boyfriend
(d) She shoots people for being minutes late

8. Where does Bond's driver take him from the airport?
(a) A restaurant
(b) The MI5 headquarters
(c) A bar
(d) His hotel

9. What is the name of the Otdyel II leader?
(a) Natassya Lendl
(b) Martina Sibanova
(c) Franny Wouters
(d) Rosa Klebb

10. What does Bond's housekeeper complain about?
(a) A persistent salesman
(b) Consumerism
(c) Her weekly pay
(d) Bond's laziness

11. What is the name of the woman Bond was rumored to be engaged to?
(a) Tatiana Romanova
(b) Tiffany Case
(c) Honey Shovel
(d) Tracy Drago

12. What does General G issue with Bond's name on it?
(a) A birth certificate
(b) A passport
(c) A death warrant
(d) A photograph

13. What kind of person does Kronsteen believe Klebb is?
(a) Fun filled
(b) Seriously deadly
(c) A sexual pervert
(d) Good natured

14. What character do we meet for the for the first time at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Felix Leiter
(b) Quarry
(c) Honeysuckle
(d) James Bond

15. Why would there be little point in killing M?
(a) It would cause little turmoil
(b) It would cause too much turmoil
(c) M may not be real
(d) M is about to retire

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has Miss Case returned to America to marry?

2. Who does General G call for at the end of the chapter?

3. Who did Grant like to kill?

4. What is Donavan Grant's job at SMERSH?

5. What city does Tatiana live in?

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