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Q Department

This department specializes in spy technology.

Bond's Attache Case

This has Bond's gun hidden inside along with several knives and money.

T Station

This is a station is the base for the British Secret Service in Istanbul.

Women's Barracks

Tatiana lives here in Moscow. They belong to the MGB.

Chess Match

Kronsteen is in the middle of this when the MGB calls him to plan Bond's death.

Spektor Machine

This is a Russian coding machine.


This is the assassination branch of the MGB with whom Grant works as head executioner.

The Orient Express

This is a train that travels from Istanbul to Paris.


This is Bond's choice of gun.

Book Gun

This has a battery-operated gun hidden in its spine.

Rat Tunnel

This allows Kerim to spy on nearby Russians.

Submarine Periscope

Kerim has this hidden in the tunnel he uses to spy on...

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