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Thomas Friedman
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Short Answer Questions

1. When is Arafat forced to recognize Israel?

2. Whose bar mitzvah does Friedman attend in Ashkelon?

3. Who wins the national election in 1984?

4. Who does Friedman believe will have to provide for the Palestinian security in any settlement?

5. Whose agreement does Friedman say is essential to an Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do some Jews claim that Israel is judged by different standards than other countries?

2. When Friedman thinks back on his days in Beirut, what does he think about?

3. What are the reasons that Israel, Jordan, and Palestinians want George Schultz to come to the Middle East?

4. Regarding the relationship between American Jews and Israel, what changes after the Six Day War?

5. Why did one of Friedman's friends, upon his return to Israel, say that his two years in Germany were "relaxing"?

6. What is the difference in the way Jews define or identify themselves in the United States vs. Israel?

7. What is the difference the Six Day War made to Israel without them even realizing it at the time?

8. When, why, and how did Friedman's wife leave Beirut?

9. What is Friedman's view of the Middle East that is shared by many people in Washington?

10. What moment of covering the news in Beirut sticks out in Friedman's mind?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the Intifada. Why did it happen? What is its significance to the Palestinian movement?

Essay Topic 2

In discussing Israeli Jews, the author defines four broad categories or groups of Jews. What are they? Compare and contrast the groups.

Essay Topic 3

How are Lebanon and Israel the same? Different?

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