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Thomas Friedman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Friedman, who is the first person who wants U.S. troops in Beirut?
(a) Arafat.
(b) Sharon.
(c) Gemayel.
(d) al-Wazzan.

2. According to Friedman, which of the following is a relatively new concept for Middle Easterners?
(a) The nation state.
(b) Authoritarian rule.
(c) Tribal loyalty.
(d) Journalistic review.

3. In June, 1982, what major event does Friedman cover while living in Beirut?
(a) The US/Palestinian conference.
(b) The Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
(c) The Palestinian invasion of Israel.
(d) The Israeli/Palestianian conference.

4. Where had Friedman been before in the Middle East?
(a) Ramallah.
(b) Cairo.
(c) Tel Aviv.
(d) Beirut.

5. Why do many of the local Beirutis think that Friedman is privy to information?
(a) Because he is an American.
(b) Because he has a computer.
(c) Because he lives in a hotel.
(d) Because he is a news correspondent.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do the Marines leave Beirut for the first time?

2. How do the normal Lebanese population treat the Israeli soldiers?

3. Where is Friedman when the Israelis invade Beirut?

4. When do the Marines finish their withdrawal from Beirut?

5. In the chapter called The End of Something, where do the peace talks among the various Lebanese factions take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 1, Friedman says that the book is about his journey between two worlds. What are these two worlds?

2. Did Friedman hire a fixer?

3. In September, 1982, why did the Israelis invade West Beirut?

4. Why did the Marines return to Beirut and how were they received then?

5. What happened at the Sabra and Shatilia refugee camps when the Israelis invaded West Beirut?

6. Friedman relates the story of driving to the airport in a taxi and ignoring a kidnapping. What does this say about life in Beirut?

7. What two suicide bombings occurred in 1983 against American targets?

8. How does Friedman learn to cope with life in Beirut?

9. Why did the press congregate at the Commodore Hotel?

10. What was the city of Beirut like before the war?

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