Frindle Fun Activities

Andrew Clements
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Market a New Word

Create a new word of your own--and an advertisement that will convince people to start using your new word. Your ad should use both words and pictures to catch your viewer's eye and persuade them that your new word is great!

Frindle Soundtrack

Choose five songs that you think represent important scenes in Frindle. Record a soundtrack for the book using these songs. When you finish, write a brief explanation of why you chose the songs that you chose.

Frindle Illustrations

Choose three important moments in Frindle that are not already illustrated in the book. Make your own drawings of these important moments.

Create a New Word Guessing Game

Working with a small group, use index cards to create a word-guessing game. On the front of each card, write a completely made-up word. On the back, write a definition for the word. Play the...

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