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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pictures of the Ice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Karin's ex-husband made her choose between having their marriage or ___________________.
(a) her friends.
(b) drinking and smoking.
(c) shopping.
(d) her family.

2. How does Almeda view the man in #41?
(a) As a community leader.
(b) As a nuisance.
(c) As a prospective husband.
(d) As a troublemaker.

3. What does Almeda do when she sees the person slumped against her fence?
(a) She calls the police.
(b) She takes the woman into her house.
(c) She sends a boy to get a police officer.
(d) She gets Jarvis.

4. What does Dudley do when Hazel tells him about Miss Dobie's poem?
(a) He laughs at her.
(b) He covers his ears.
(c) He leaves the room.
(d) He recites it word-for-word.

5. How did Murray meet his wife?
(a) They met on a blind date.
(b) They were high school sweethearts.
(c) They attended the same college.
(d) She used to work in Murray's store.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hazel decides to travel to a town in which country?

2. What help did Murray offer to Victor?

3. What kind of business does the man in #41 run?

4. Almeda writes a poem entitled "Meneseteung" which is named after ____________________.

5. Who was Hazel's husband?

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