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Lake Huron appears in Friend of My Youth, Five Points, Meneseteung, Oranges and Apples

Many of the stories are set in the area around this body of water in Eastern Ontario, in small rural towns.

Logan appears in Five Points, Pictures of the Ice, and Oh, What Avails

This is a small place where one person's business is everyone's business; where gossip is prevalent, and it is hard for characters to avoid people they may not wish to see.

Walley appears in Oranges and Apples, and Wigtime

This is a small town near Logan in which the stories Oranges and Apples and Wigtime are set.

The Meneseteung River appears in Meneseteung

This is the body of water that runs near the town in which Almeda lives, and flows into Lake Huron.

Logan's Salt Mine appears in Five Points

Brenda's husband, Cornelius, works at this place which stretches for...

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