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Friend of My Youth

• The narrator reminisces about her dead mother and tells the story of her mother's old friend, Flora Grieves.

• The narrator's mother had stayed on the Grieves' farm as a young woman, teaching in the nearby schoolroom.

• The farmhouse was divided into two parts: one for Flora and the teacher, and one for Flora's younger sister, Ellie, and her husband, Robert.

• Even though Flora had once been engaged to Robert, he married Ellie out of necessity after getting her pregnant.

• Ellie's baby was stillborn and all later pregnancies were unsuccessful.

• Later Ellie was diagnosed with cancer and a nurse was brought in to care for her.
• The narrator's mother left the farm to get married and start a family.

• One day the narrator's mother received a letter from Flora explaining that Ellie had died and Robert had married the nurse, Audrey Atkinson.

• Robert and Audrey...

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