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Hans Peter Richter
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys do next?

2. Who do they open the shelter door to find?

3. Who is Helga?

4. Who gives Friedrich an engraved fountain pen?

5. What does Friedrich do to Resch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Friedrich's appearance suggest?

2. What is the narrator's ethical dilemma concerning this situation?

3. What does Friedrich speak about and what does he ask of the narrator's family? What do you think is the reason for his request?

4. What does this second eviction notice suggest?

5. What happens and what is the significance of it when Friedrich and the narrator are leaving the pool?

6. What does the narrator do with the mob and why do you think he is capable of those acts when his best friend is Jewish?

7. What about this chapter shows a different side of Friedrich's life?

8. Why are Friedrich and his father having uncharacteristic arguments, and why is there tension in the apartment when the narrator goes up to take the Schneiders some potatoes?

9. Tell the story of Solomon.

10. What happens when a Storm Trooper takes over the physical education of the German school boys during his spare time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the chapter titled "Benches," Friedrich falls in love with a kindergarten teacher named Helga. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. Briefly describe how Friedrich and Helga's meeting and relationship develop. Do you think Helga is aware of Friedrich being Jewish at their first meeting? If she is, why do you think she is friendly to him? If not, do you think she would have turned away from him immediately if she knew?

2. What do you think Helga is like if she is willing to be friends with Friedrich knowing he is Jewish and knowing what is going on in the country concerning Jewish people? Describe her as if you are her best friend and trying to tell someone else about who she is.

3. Do you think Friedrich was right in not going back to meet up with Helga? What does this say about his character? Would you have made the same choice?

Essay Topic 2

The chapter "Reasons" is very important in understanding much of what happens later in the book and also in understanding why so many Jewish people did not flee Nazi Germany when they had the chance. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. What are the reasons Herr Schnider gives for not leaving Germany? Are they valid?

2. Do you think, given the things that have already happened to the Schneiders, that Herr Schneider is being rationale in thinking that because it's the 20th century, things like genocide do not occur anymore?

3. Are modern governments (those in the 20th and 21st centuries) any less prone to wholesale genocide than any other era? Give specific examples and details to support your stance.

4. Is it fair for Herr Schneider to expect his teenage son to be as philosophical about persecution as Herr Schneider?

Essay Topic 3

The first section determines the action takes place somewhere in Germany after World War I, when the victorious Allies are taking economic vengeance on the losers. Choose one of the following questions in a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. What is the situation like in Germany post WWI? Give examples of the economic and political conditions.

2. Many say Hitler's rise to power is a direct result of how Germany is treated in the war. Learn more about this and give your opinion.

3. How could the Allied powers have done things differently to help Germany recover in such a way that it does not set up an opening for the type of situation that Hitler creates?

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