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Hans Peter Richter
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the problem with Mr. Schneider?

2. Where do Friedrich and the narrator go in the department store?

3. Where is the narrator's apartment?

4. Who will no longer be allowed to attend the school?

5. What does Mr. Schneider offer the shop keeper?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Friedrich's relationship with his mother contrast to that of the narrator's relationship with his mother?

2. What is the landlord's reason for telling the Schneiders they have to vacate and does the reason seem fair?

3. What does this scene about the broken window portend?

4. What is the date and setting and milieu at the opening of this novel and what major characters are introduced?

5. Describe the conversation between Herr Schneider and the narrator's father about the Nazi party. Do you think the narrator's father is justified in joining the party?

6. Describe Friedrich's preparations for his first visit to a meeting of the Jungvolk.

7. Describe the grandfather's visit to the narrator's household.

8. What is ominous about the image of Herr Schneider coming down the street and the news he brings?

9. Why do you think Friedrich says "Heil, Hitler" outside the department store?

10. What is the first couple of indications in this book that this story will have something to do with the persecution of the Jewish people?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the chapter, "The Way to School," we see not the first evidence of the growing violence towards Jews, but the most overt one in the book so far. Choose one of the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. Hitler calls for a one-day boycott of Jewish businesses on Saturday, April 1, 1933; this chapter is probably based upon that proclamation. Learn what you can about this boycott and write an essay telling about how widespread it was, the consequences of it, and if it was considered successful.

2. Friedrich and the narrator are only about eight years old and do not understand the hatred and fears of adults. They greet Mr. Rosenthal, a shop owner whose shop is being blocked by a man with a swastika armband. What can we learn from children about accepting differences? What if very young children of the Arab and Western and Israeli worlds got together (before they are too strongly influenced by adults)? What do you think would happen? Would they share their toys? Would they be hateful because someone is of a different race or religion, etc.? Write a speculative essay about what children can teach adults about accepting others.

3. How effective in general are boycotts? Research the history of boycotts and choose several to study and compare and contrast.

Essay Topic 2

In the chapter titled "The Cleaning Lady," Frau Penk apologetically responds that she had planned on coming to tell Frau Schneider that she can no longer work for her. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. Why can Frau Penk no longer work for the Schneiders? Is this fair?

2. Do you think Frau Penk should ignore the law and do what she thinks is right? Why or why not?

3. Are there any alternatives to Frau Penk just quitting?

4. Frau Penk says her husband used to be a communist and therefore they have to be very careful. What do you think she means by this?

5. What would you do in Frau Penk's place?

Essay Topic 3

In the chapter titled "In the Department Store," after the boys have talked with Herr Schneider for a few minutes, and Schneider no longer smiles as he turns and waves. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. About what do the two boys and Herr Schneider?

2. What do you think is disturbing to Herr Schneider about the conversation?

3. What do you think motivates the narrator's father to join the Nazi party? Do you think he should join? Why or why not?

4. Do you think the narrator's father had any viable choice to do otherwise than join the party?

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