Friedrich Character Descriptions

Hans Peter Richter
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Friedrich Schneider

The novel's protagonist, this character is born in 1925 to reclusive Jewish parents a week after the Christian narrator's birth.

The Narrator

Friedrich Schneider's downstairs neighbor from the time of their births, one week apart, this character appears as less inquisitive, enthusiastic, intelligent, and determined than Friedrich.

Johann Resch

This character works his way up to district manager in a bathing suit sales company and likes to dominate both workers and tenants in the upstairs apartments of his home.

Frau Schneider

This character avoids contact with other people other than to smile in passing, but opens up to the narrator's family after the birth of the two boys.

Herr Schneider

This character, a friendly but quiet postal worker, loses his civil service job as Nazi restrictions tighten.

Dr. Jakob Askenase

This character, the middle-aged, observant Askenase specializes in children's ailments.

Fraulein Ewert

This character works in the...

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