Friedrich Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hans Peter Richter
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"Setting the Scene (1925)" | "Potato Pancakes (1929)"

• 1925: Germany is full of unemployment and hardship.

• The narrator is born one week before Friedrich Schneider.

• The two sets of parents get to know one another better after these births.

• Friedrich visits the narrator's apartment for the first time when his mother must attend to business at city hall.

• They play happily, get a bath; the narrator mother mentions Friedrich's circumcision.

"Snow (1929)"

• Friedrich is allowed to go out and play.

• Frau Schneider comes out to play with her son.

• The narrator watches them enjoying a snowball fight, slicking down a path for good sliding, and making a fine snowman.

• Herr Resch shrieks at Friedrich to get off his snow-covered rose bushes.

"Grandfather (1930)"

• In preparation for Grandfather's visit, the narrator's Mother scrubs the five-year-old until his hands are raw, and dresses him in his Sunday best.

• Grandfather assumes the position at the head of...

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