Friedman's Fables Short Essay - Answer Key

Edwin Friedman
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1. How does Edwin H. Friedman feel towards his publishers and editors and why?

The author is not fond of his editors because they try to alter his fables. He writes that he is very protective of his characters and does not want them changed.

2. What is Edwin H. Friedman's relationship to his characters?

The author is very protective of his characters. He treats them like living beings. He writes that he is very protective of his characters, almost to a fault.

3. What does Edwin H. Friedman mean by "The Failure of Syntax"?

The story "The Failure of Syntax" implies that there is an issue with grammar and sentence structure. This is apparent in Friedman's theme of communication in most of his stories. He writes that attitudes are the real figure of speech.

4. What is the significance of the man crossing the bridge in the story of the "The Bridge"?

The man in the story "The Bridge" is on his way to a life changing opportunity. On his way he crosses a bridge where he must decide to save someone's life or leave. The bridge is symbolic of a the choice he must make, going forward to a selfish endeavor or going back to his old life but helping someone in the process.

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