Objects & Places from Friedman's Fables

Edwin Friedman
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This is a form of allegory, a narrative that communicates meaning through imagery.

The Friendly Forest

This is the setting for the story of the fearful Lamb and the Tiger.

An American Holly

This is a hedge plant or shrub with glossy and sharply pointed leaves, traditionally associated with Christmas.


This is the study and practice of treating the human psyche or the mind, spirit, feelings, and the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious

The Bacterium and the Virus

These are single-celled organisms differentiated in several ways.

The Island

This place is the home of a secretive community of individuals who live their lives in profound connection to one another.

The Magic Ring

This enables the wearer to keep the self safe from emotional involvement with potential bad mates.

Ms. Muffet's Web

This is a metaphoric representation of the dangers associated with becoming too obsessed with elements of...

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