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Edwin Friedman
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Essay Topic 1

When considering Edwin Friedman's life, where do you believe he found the inspiration for his book? What does this book cause you to think about the author's life? Do you believe the author's stories demonstrate his religious background?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the character of Ms. Muffet. Why is perfection so important to her and how does it lead to her demise? What is the moral of her story and how is her demise related to the moral?

Essay Topic 3

How does Edwin Friedman address the theme of intimacy in his book? Choose two examples of examples and explain how these examples contribute to the theme of intimacy. Is this a reflection on society or the author's personal beliefs?

Essay Topic 4

What role do animals play in the author's stories? Define anthropomorphism and choose two stories where this is used. Why does the author choose to use...

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