Friedman's Fables Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edwin Friedman
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Prologue, The Failure of Syntax, Fables 1 - 2

• Prologue

• The author introduces his fables and laments over how the editors tried to change his characters.

• The Failure of Syntax

• This story discuss how emotional content is the most important aspect of language not grammar.

• The Bridge

• A man is in a rush to make a life altering choice in his life.

• On his way he crosses a bridge where a man with a rope is standing.

• He is asked to hold the rope and then the man jumps off the bridge.

• The man must decide whether to pursue his opportunity or save the other man.

• After putting the choice in the dangling man hands he drops the rope.

• A Nervous Condition

• In this story a man is born with his nerves on the outside of his body.

• Everyone is oversensitive to the man's needs including his wife.

• When his...

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