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Hayden Herrera
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Kahlo begin to do in Chapter 13 that made her behavior seem less civilized and more "indecent'?

2. What did Kahlo claim that she never knew she was until it was put upon her in Paris?

3. How did the students that Kahlo taught feel about her?

4. What did Kahlo give Trotsky after ending their affair in Chapter 14?

5. Where did Kahlo stay briefly after leaving Paris?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Frida become as her illness worsened?

2. In Chapter 13, how was Frida and Rivera's relationship symbolized by the house that they lived in?

3. What did Frida write in her diary just days before her death?

4. What did Frida paint for the patron Clare Boothe Luce, who commissioned a portrait for the New York Opening of Frida's art exhibit?

5. What did Rivera and Frida tell the press was the reason for their divorce?

6. Despite Frida's declining heath, how did she attend an art exhibit honoring her in 1953?

7. Which students continued to work with Frida even after she started teaching from home?

8. What painting did Kahlo create the day her divorce papers came through, and what did it represent?

9. How was Rivera's affair with sculptor Isamu Noguchi revealed?

10. Did Frida ever forgive her sister for having an affair with Rivera?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Rivera was working on his mural in New York, the environment became hostile. His mural was being called hostile because he wanted to pain the head of Lenin and balance it with the head of Abraham Lincoln. Evaluate the differences between communism and capitalism, two movements that were mentioned in the biography. What is communism? What is capitalism? What would Mexico and America be considered at that time? Why wouldn't a communist painting be appreciated in America? Why was Rivera for communism? What was Frida in support of?

Essay Topic 2

Until the time of her death, Frida's life would be a struggle against death and decay after the bus accident. Explore what role pain and suffering represent in Frida's life. How did Frida changed after the bus accident? How did Frida reflect her pain into her paintings? How did Frida demonstrate her strong will to her friends and family? How did Frida's pain compare both physically and personally? How did her pain make her a stronger person in life?

Essay Topic 3

Frida and Rivera's involvement with Trotsky became an important one because of his political implications. Examine Trotskyism and analyze its affect on Frida and Rivera. Who was Leon Trotsky? What was Trotskyism and how did Rivera and Frida become interested? What was Frida's relationship to Trotsky? What country was Leon Trotsky from? Why did he come to Mexico?

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