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Hayden Herrera
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Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Kahlo's body was amputated?

2. In 1950, Kahlo went to the hospital in Mexico City; how long did she stay there?

3. What did Kahlo decorate her hospital room with in Chapter 22?

4. Now that Kahlo's career had begun to take off, where was her work finally being recognized?

5. In Chapter 19, in what type of show did Kahlo participate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Frida's painting, My Nurse and I, represent?

2. Which students continued to work with Frida even after she started teaching from home?

3. In 1950, Frida became very ill and remained in the hospital for over a year; how did she decorate her room?

4. What painting did Kahlo create the day her divorce papers came through, and what did it represent?

5. How did Frida become as her illness worsened?

6. How was Frida's approach to Surrealism different than European Surrealists?

7. Where was Frida invited to teach and what was her teaching style?

8. In Chapter 13, how was Frida and Rivera's relationship symbolized by the house that they lived in?

9. What did the success of Rivera and Frida's marriage depend upon?

10. How did Rivera and Frida fall away from the Trotskites?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo, many of her paintings were mentioned and analyzed. Study and compare the different paintings of Frida's that were highlighted throughout the biography. What painting was the most interesting? What painting was the most moving? What painting seemed to have no explanation? Which is the students favorite and least favorite? What painting is the most well-known by the public?

Essay Topic 2

After Frida and Rivera were married, Frida spent a great deal of time learning how to be a wife to Rivera. Research Mexican traditions and examine what Frida did in Chapter 8 to strive and meet those standards in her marriage. What traits were important for a traditional Mexican wife? What did Frida's mother try to instill in her daughters so they could be proper wives and mothers? How did Rivera feel about Frida being a proper traditional Mexican wife? What did Frida strive to do after she married Rivera? Did she stop painting?

Essay Topic 3

Frida Kahlo was an inspiring woman to many, from the challenges that she overcame to her amazing portraits that she created. Analyze the unique characteristics of Kahlo, examining what made her attractive to Rivera and the other people around her. How were Frida's paintings a reflection of herself? What did Frida teach those around her as she suffered through her pain? What type of personality did Frida have? Was she outgoing? What attracted Rivera to Frida?

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