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Hayden Herrera
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How soon did Kahlo's first relapse come after her accident?

2. In Chapter 7, what was an important part of who Kahlo was?

3. What did Kahlo delight in doing to the New York press?

4. How did Kahlo's father begin to behave the worse-off the family's circumstances got, in Chapter 2?

5. Kahlo made a significant recovery in Chapter 6 and was able to go to Mexico City for a visit; who did she go with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Frida dress herself?

2. How was Diego Rivera described in Chapter 6?

3. What did Frida's painting, My Dress Hangs There, symbolize?

4. How was Kahlo changed after she contracted polio when she was six-years-old?

5. What was so impressive about Frida being permitted to attend the National Preparatory School?

6. How did Frida's painting change as her courtship with Rivera intensifies?

7. What happened to Frida's family during the Mexican Revolution?

8. How were Frida's paintings compared to Rivera's?

9. What were Rivera and Frida invited to New York for in Chapter 9?

10. What did Frida's painting, A Few Small Nips, symbolize?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frida and Rivera were both artists, and both very well known. Yet, they had styles that were entirely their own. Examine the changes in Frida's painting style , and compare her painting to Rivera's. How did Frida and Rivera's painting styles differ? How were they the same? Did they rely on each other for advice with their painting? Did they use water colors, chalk, or pencils? How was their particular painting style reflective of their personality?

Essay Topic 2

The beginning of Frida Kahlo's life is explored in the first chapter of the book, Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo. Explore Frida's childhood and analysis major events that affected her life. Who were Frida's parents and how did they meet? How did Frida get into painting? What type of upbringing did Frida have? What kind of child was Frida?

Essay Topic 3

Frida Kahlo was an inspiring woman to many, from the challenges that she overcame to her amazing portraits that she created. Analyze the unique characteristics of Kahlo, examining what made her attractive to Rivera and the other people around her. How were Frida's paintings a reflection of herself? What did Frida teach those around her as she suffered through her pain? What type of personality did Frida have? Was she outgoing? What attracted Rivera to Frida?

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