Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo Short Essay - Answer Key

Hayden Herrera
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1. What was revealed about the blue house on Londress Street in Chapter 1 of Frida?

The beginning of Frida Kahlo's life story began at the blue house on Londress Street. While it once contained Kahlo and her family, it was now the Museo Frida Kahlo where a recreation of Kahlo's life was accurately conveyed. Painted on the wall are two inscriptions that say that Kahlo was born there and that she and Rivera lived there for many years.

2. How did Frida's father, Guillermo, meet his second wife, Frida's mother?

Frida's father, Guillermo, migrated from Germany and worked at a jewelry store name La Perla. While working at this store, he met his second wife and Frida's mother, Matilde.

3. What happened to Frida's family during the Mexican Revolution?

During the Revolution, Kahlo's father brought his family into penury, whereas before his commissions with the government had placed him in a comfortable lifestyle. During this time, Guillermo became more and more misanthropic and his wife had to raise the girls with a traditional Mexican upbringing as best as she could, teaching them how to cook and attend religious services regularly.

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