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Hayden Herrera
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, Portraits of a Marriage and Chapter 22, Naturaleza Viva: Alive Still Life.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Rivera known to be by most people, in Chapter 3?
(a) A naiive man.
(b) A devoted husband.
(c) A stubborn brute.
(d) A prominent womanizer.

2. How many girls were in Kahlo's clique at the National Preparatory School?
(a) Four.
(b) Five.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

3. Who did Kahlo have an affair with, that went so far as the two of them got an apartment together?
(a) Leon Trotskyites.
(b) Luis Trattini.
(c) Isamu Noguchi.
(d) Islander Nokali.

4. Who did Kahlo write passionate letters to that showed her strong will, not just to endure the pain, but to live life fully?
(a) Rivera and her friends.
(b) Arias and her friends.
(c) Her father and her friends.
(d) Her mother and her friends.

5. From where did Kahlo's father migrate?
(a) France.
(b) Germany.
(c) Canada.
(d) Mexico.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of the key successes to Kahlo and Rivera's eventual marriage?

2. What was the strongest reason that Kahlo is permitted to attend such an impressive school as the National Preparatory School?

3. Kahlo made a significant recovery in Chapter 6 and was able to go to Mexico City for a visit; who did she go with?

4. In Chapter 21, what did Kahlo continue to paint the changing landscape of?

5. Whose head did Rivera want to paint beside the head of Abraham Lincoln in his mural?

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