Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo Character Descriptions

Hayden Herrera
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Frida Kahlo

This character is the main subject of the biography; her personal situations, work and artistic slant are thoroughly explained.

Diego Rivera

This character is one of the driving artistic forces in the main character's life. This character's artwork as a nationalist muralist played a huge role in the life of the main character.

Lupe Marin

This character, over time, is taken with the main character just like everyone else is; this character even attends the main character's wedding reception, but is not without her own jealousies.

Guillermo Kahlo

This character is a German immigrant who meets his second spouse while working in a jewelry store called La Perla, but soon takes up photography.

Alejandro Gomez Arias

This character is the person that is with the main character whey they are victims of a bus accident. This character has an affair with the main character.

Nickolaus Muray

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