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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Charles go to see Dr. Grogan?

2. What does Sam tell Charles he wants two hundred and eighty pounds for?

3. What kind of morning greets Charles as he begins his walk to meet Sarah?

4. What does Charles do when Sam comes into his room the following morning?

5. What shocks Charles during his interview with Mr. Freeman?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Dr. Grogan gives Charles to read.

2. Describe Charles' actions after leaving the Freeman mansion.

3. Why does Sarah, the prostitute, put her clothes back on?

4. Explain Mr. Freeman's reaction to the news that Charles will probably not fall heir to a title.

5. What happens in the Tranter house that day?

6. What effect does Charles' gift to Ernestina have on her, even after she is upset that he did not bring flowers?

7. After Charles cannot locate Sarah, even with private detectives, what action does he take?

8. What shocking revelation comes to Charles after he gets out of Sarah's bed?

9. How does Knowles discuss the reason for Sam and Mary going to the barn?

10. Explain Mr. Freeman's contradictory feelings about aristocracy.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to Knowles, sexuality is more enjoyable in the Victorian age because it is not spoken of and there is more mystery about it. Write an essay about how the Victorian gentleman, Charles, is drawn by the mysterious nature of Sarah Woodruff.

Essay Topic 2

Write a short story about Mrs. Poulteney in heaven. In the story she should be bossy and strict just as she was on earth. Use your imagination to let her real character show through her white robes and angel wings. Also use your imagination about what St. Peter might do with a woman like that.

Essay Topic 3

Think up another ending for The French Lieutenant's Woman. Knowles wrote multiple endings for the novel. There are still other possibilities. Come up with another ending and write it in three or four pages.

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