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Short Answer Questions

1. What new service does Charles use to try and locate Sarah?

2. Why does Charles go into the child's room?

3. How does Charles think about the three-word message from Sarah?

4. After the prostitute gets into bed, Charles stares down at her and asks her name. What is her answer?

5. Why is Sarah out of the flat when the baby is crying?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Sarah finds life in Exeter.

2. Describe the events after Charles leaves Lyme and goes back to Exeter.

3. Why does Sarah, the prostitute, put her clothes back on?

4. Explain Dr. Grogan's advice to Charles upon learning that Sarah is alive and expecting a visit from him.

5. What is a bigger surprise to Charles than discovering that his prostitute has a baby?

6. Explain Mr. Freeman's contradictory feelings about aristocracy.

7. What advice does Dr. Grogan give Charles in a letter?

8. Is tearing himself away from Sarah in the old barn the last shock of the day for Charles? Explain.

9. Explain the significance of Sarah's only smile at Mrs. Poulteney after she questions the old lady's relationship to God.

10. What are the consequences of Charles' decision to break his engagement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Draw a relationship between the fossils Charles lookesfor and the Victorian society. Do you think Knowles uses the fossils as a metaphor for the petrified nature of the social and religious norms of that time? Explain your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about class systems in society. Do you believe there are still such differences today? Do you believe that all men are really created equal?

Essay Topic 3

Both Dr. Grogan and Charles are followers of the new theoretical scientist of their day, Charles Darwin. Write an essay giving your opinion about Darwin's theory of evolution of the species.

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