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Short Answer Questions

1. When Charles tells Sam not to see Mary until he has cleared it with Mrs. Tranter, to what does Sam compare himself?

2. How does Knowles picture Sam?

3. What happened to Charles' mother?

4. What is Ernestina's reaction to the flowers Sam delivers from Charles?

5. When Sarah and Charles meet again on the path, what does Charles observe about her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Charles' delusion as he rides up the drive to his uncles estate?

2. What warning does Ernestina give Mary about Sam?

3. Why does Sarah suggest that she will not leave Lyme Regis?

4. What does Dr. Grogan tell Charles about trying to help Sarah?

5. Why is Mrs. Poulteney troubled by the parable of the widow's mite?

6. What makes Ernestina laugh uncontrollably and Aunt Tranter fear she and Charles might be having a quarrel?

7. What saves Charles from having to explain why he has been playing with fire?

8. How does Knowles interject himself into the novel?

9. Why is Ernestina miffed at the flowers Charles sends her on the morning he goes to the Ware Commons?

10. What had prompted Charles and Ernestina to come to Lyme Regis?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Think up another ending for The French Lieutenant's Woman. Knowles wrote multiple endings for the novel. There are still other possibilities. Come up with another ending and write it in three or four pages.

Essay Topic 2

In the novel, there are several references to the relationship between the wealthy and their servants. The servants at Winsyatt let their true feelings about Charles come out after he is disinherited from his uncle's title. Sam grows tired of Charles' joking and his condescension. Write an essay about how servants in a household are good judges of their employer's character.

Essay Topic 3

Using the characters Charles, Ernestina, and Sarah, write a short-short story set in the 21st century about a broken engagement. Use the title, "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned." Will your story be much different from the broken engagement in The French Lieutenant's Woman?

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