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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sarah's explanation for lying about Varguennes?
(a) That when she went to him she saw him with a prostitute.
(b) That she had not lied but had not tried to stop the rumors.
(c) That she hated all men for a time after he left.
(d) That she wanted to kill herself.

2. What do Sam and Mary see briefly at the shed door?
(a) Ernestina
(b) Sarah Woodruff
(c) Dr. Gorgan
(d) A dark bonnet hanging on a nail

3. How does Charles explain himself to Sam?
(a) That he has volunteered for the search party.
(b) That he accidentally heard someone in the shed and went in to see who it was.
(c) That he is there on the instruction of Dr. Grogan.
(d) That he has come to tell Sarah never to bother him again.

4. What does Dr. Grogan do in his speech to Charles?
(a) Shames Charles for his stupidity.
(b) He paints a picture of Sarah as an opportunist who had led Charles on.
(c) Admits to having an affair himself with Sarah.
(d) Suggests that Charles run away with Sarah.

5. What is in the letter from Dr. Grogan?
(a) A suggestion of how he can continue with Sarah in secret.
(b) His report that the whole community is talking about charles.
(c) The thought that there is no need for confession or absolution.
(d) Information that Sarah has left Lyme.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Knowles explain the Victorian ending is all about?

2. After Ernestina goes back to sleep, what happens in the kitchen downstairs?

3. To what animal does Charles compare himself at the time?

4. What kind of morning greets Charles as he begins his walk to meet Sarah?

5. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What actions does Charles take after leaving the Endicott Family Hotel?

2. How does Knowles discuss the reason for Sam and Mary going to the barn?

3. What effect does Charles' gift to Ernestina have on her, even after she is upset that he did not bring flowers?

4. What are the consequences of Charles' decision to break his engagement?

5. What happens in the Tranter house that day?

6. Explain the significance of Sarah's only smile at Mrs. Poulteney after she questions the old lady's relationship to God.

7. What are the major events of the next day when Charles has returned from Exeter?

8. Explain how Sarah finds life in Exeter.

9. After Charles cannot locate Sarah, even with private detectives, what action does he take?

10. Why does Charles not keep his distance from Sarah in her hotel rooms?

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