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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charles attempt to do with Sarah?
(a) Get her to pretend suicide.
(b) Give her money to go to Exeter and find a job.
(c) Get her to go to Paris with him.
(d) Help him make up a story about how he found her there.

2. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?
(a) That he is free to leave Sarah forever.
(b) That he had not wanted to make love to Sarah.
(c) That Sarah had planned his seduction carefully.
(d) That Sarah is a virgin.

3. What happens after Charles puts out the fire on Sarah's blanket when coals pop from the fireplace?
(a) He jumps up to leave.
(b) Mrs. Endicott runs in to see what the smell is.
(c) Sarah begins to cry.
(d) They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.

4. What has happened at the prostitute's house?
(a) Charles passes out from too much to drink and sleeps in a chair.
(b) Sarah's little daughter comes in and gets into bed with them.
(c) Charles has been drinking heavily and begins throwing up when she said her name was Sarah.
(d) Charles has intercourse with the girl before finding out her name was Sarah.

5. What happens after that first kiss?
(a) Overcome with passion, Charles tears off his clothes and makes love to her.
(b) Charles panics and runs out of her room.
(c) Sarah asks him to carry her to her bed before he leaves.
(d) Charles removes Sarah's shawl and night gown.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?

2. What is Mrs. Endicott's Bible?

3. What happens when Sam comes to Charles' hotel room?

4. To what does Knowles compare Charles' official decision to go ahead with his marriage to Ernestina?

5. Why is Sarah out of the flat when the baby is crying?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Knowles discuss the reason for Sam and Mary going to the barn?

2. In reality, what does Charles do when he pulls into Exeter and it looks like it is about to rain?

3. What advice does Dr. Grogan give Charles in a letter?

4. Why does Charles escape a second time to London.

5. What actions does Charles take after leaving the Endicott Family Hotel?

6. How does Charles attempt to undo the damage done by being caught with Sarah by Sam and Mary?

7. What are the major events of the next day when Charles has returned from Exeter?

8. Is tearing himself away from Sarah in the old barn the last shock of the day for Charles? Explain.

9. What are the consequences of Charles' decision to break his engagement?

10. What effect does Charles' gift to Ernestina have on her, even after she is upset that he did not bring flowers?

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