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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Charles' thinking as he passes through the vast estate?
(a) That is it soon to be his.
(b) That Ernestina will not be up to running the great house.
(c) That he does not want to live there.
(d) That his uncle has let the place go.

2. What does Sarah tell Mrs. Talbot before she leaves?
(a) That Varguennes is returning from France to marry her.
(b) That she is going back to school.
(c) That her brother is coming to Lyme and she will teach his children.
(d) That she needs to go to London for a higher position.

3. What does Knowles say has served as a substitute for experience in Sarah Woodruff?
(a) Lectures from her father.
(b) Her first class education.
(c) Fiction and poetry.
(d) The advice of older women.

4. In trying to be Victorian polite, what does Ernestina call the woman they see on the Cobb?
(a) The lady of the night.
(b) Old Mrs. Poulteney's companion.
(c) A woman just a bit crazy.
(d) The French lieutenant's. . .woman.

5. How does the butler sum up the feelings of Mrs. Poulteney's staff?
(a) Madam, I shall shake the dust from my shoes as I leave.
(b) You, madam, have not devined that slavery is over.
(c) Meanness and gluttony describe you perfectly, madam.
(d) Madam, I should rather the poor house than another week under your roof.

Short Answer Questions

1. What revelation does Sarah make to Charles about the French lieutenant?

2. What has happened to Sarah while Charles is away from Lyme?

3. What investments had Charles' father made?

4. Upon whose word does Mr. Forsythe, vicar of Lyme, rely to recommend Sarah?

5. How does Sarah begin describing the French lieutenant to Charles?

Short Essay Questions

1. What warning does Ernestina give Mary about Sam?

2. What is Charles' delusion as he rides up the drive to his uncles estate?

3. What saves Charles from having to explain why he has been playing with fire?

4. In Lyme, by some strata of society, Sarah Woodruff is known as the French lieutenant's whore. Ernestina has another name for her. Why and what is it?

5. Describe Charles' reaction to the expected visits with the prim Victorian ladies of Ernestina's acquaintance.

6. What is the attitude of the staff at Winsyatt castle about Charles and his uncle, Sir Robert?

7. When a search party is formed to find the missing Sarah, how does Charles know she is still alive?

8. What is special about the Ware Commons?

9. Why is Mrs. Poulteney troubled by the parable of the widow's mite?

10. What does Charles say to Sarah about morality?

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