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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charles explain his separation from Ernestina when he visits the club.
(a) He says she is at home visiting her father and gave him the night off.
(b) He says she is too busy planning the wedding.
(c) He says he is on parole while she takes the Dorset waters.
(d) He says he had pressing business in London but she wanted to stay in Lyme.

2. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?
(a) To collect Ernestina and return to London the next day.
(b) Never to see Sarah again.
(c) Not to marry Ernestina.
(d) To fire Sam.

3. What does Charles attempt to do with Sarah?
(a) Get her to go to Paris with him.
(b) Get her to pretend suicide.
(c) Help him make up a story about how he found her there.
(d) Give her money to go to Exeter and find a job.

4. What does Freeman recognize about the times?
(a) They are changing in a world of rapid progress.
(b) They represent the age of overindulgence.
(c) They are difficult times with so many new things coming into favor.
(d) They are politically unstable.

5. After Charles discovers that Sarah has vanished, who intrudes in his railway compartment?
(a) Sam
(b) A pickpocket
(c) The author
(d) A preacher

6. What is Sarah's reaction to Charles' guilt?
(a) She accuses him of being like the French Lieutenant.
(b) She says all she wants is his happiness.
(c) She calls him stupid and behind the times.
(d) She says she cannot believe he is like Mrs. Poulteney.

7. After impulsively kissing Sarah, what does Charles do?
(a) Pushes Sarah away and runs out of the shed.
(b) Tells her to go to the White Lion and wait for him.
(c) Suggests that she go to London as his mistress.
(d) Lays her down on the hay and makes love to her.

8. What is Charles' interest in paleontology now?
(a) He has found a dynasaur.
(b) He is excavating in Egypt.
(c) He has lost all interest and gives away his samples.
(d) He works at it spasmotically.

9. What does Charles decide to do?
(a) Send Sam to look for Sarah.
(b) Go out and look for Sarah himself.
(c) Open a bottle of brandy and get drunk.
(d) Go back and tell Dr. Grogan the whole truth.

10. What does Charles observe about American women?
(a) He sees them as no different from women in England.
(b) He thinks that they have no sense of style.
(c) He considers them too pristine.
(d) He sees a shadow of Sarah in each of them.

11. How is Aunt Tranter affected in all of the problems?
(a) She wants to have the police confront Charles.
(b) She thinks it is all for the best.
(c) She is confused and angry.
(d) She says she never trusted Charles.

12. What does Knowles say modern society has destroyed by throwing over the aura of mystery about sex?
(a) The openness to talk about it
(b) The shame
(c) The need for it
(d) The pleasure

13. How does Sam try to start gossip with Mrs. Rogers at the Kensington house?
(a) By hinting there are many other things afoot in Charles' life
(b) By name dropping
(c) By asking questions of Mrs. Rogers
(d) By leaving letters and telegrams lying around

14. What shocks Charles during his interview with Mr. Freeman?
(a) Freeman offers to buy Charles a title.
(b) Freeman suggests decreasing Ernestina's dowry.
(c) Mr. Freeman tells Charles that Ernestina is adopted.
(d) Freeman offers him a job in his business.

15. Why is Charles going to London?
(a) To hire a lawyer to get rid of Mrs. Trotter.
(b) To inform Ernestina's father of the changes in his fortune.
(c) To collect money for travel to Europe.
(d) To hire another manservant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What metaphor does Charles use to describe his guilt of lying about Sarah?

2. What has happened at the prostitute's house?

3. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?

4. What does Charles discover from Mrs. Endicott?

5. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?

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