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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dr. Grogan threaten Charles?
(a) That he will sign the papers sending Charles to the insane assylum.
(b) That if he does not leave within the hour he will return with the largest horse whip he can find.
(c) That he will tell everyone what Charles has done if he doesn't leave Lyme.
(d) That he will help Ernestina sue for breach of promise and see charles ruined.

2. What does Charles admit to Dr. Grogan about his feelings for Ernestina?
(a) That the attraction has worn off and he feels trapped.
(b) That his only interest in her is her dowry.
(c) That she understands very little of what he is.
(d) That he was sure it would take years for Ernestina to understand him.

3. In the Victorian ending, what unlikely thing does Charles do?
(a) Warns Ernestine never to mention the name of Tragedy.
(b) Goes into business with Ernestine's father.
(c) Pays for Sam's and Mary's wedding.
(d) Tells Ernestine everything about him and Sarah.

4. What does Knowles say readers should now see as obvious?
(a) That Sam had proposed marriage to Mary.
(b) That Sam and Mary had been to that barn many times before.
(c) That Sam is planning to abandon Mary.
(d) That Mary is pregnant with Sam's baby.

5. What causes Ernestina to be unable to sleep?
(a) The sounds of a thunderstorm outside.
(b) Her behavior after learning that Charles is not inheriting Winsyatt.
(c) Her disappointment at seeing Charles so happy.
(d) The light flooding into her room.

6. After leaving the brothel, what does Charles do?
(a) Goes home alone to Kensington.
(b) Takes a carriage back to Lyme.
(c) Picks up a prostitute who resembles Sarah.
(d) Finds the nearest hotle and goes to sleep.

7. What is Dr. Grogan's recommendation for Ernestina's treatment?
(a) Take her on a trip abroad.
(b) Send her to Bedlam.
(c) Humor her in whatever she wants to do.
(d) Send for her father.

8. What does Charles discover from Mrs. Endicott?
(a) Sarah has fallen and hurt her ankle.
(b) Sarah sends word that she will not see Charles.
(c) Sarah has returned to Lyme.
(d) Sarah has left the hotel and did not leave a forwarding address.

9. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?
(a) That he is free to leave Sarah forever.
(b) That he had not wanted to make love to Sarah.
(c) That Sarah had planned his seduction carefully.
(d) That Sarah is a virgin.

10. How does Dr. Grogan rebut Charles' objection that nothing improper passed between him and Sarah?
(a) He says Charles protests too much.
(b) He confesses that he saw them in his telescope.
(c) He uses the catechism about wishing for a sinful act being the same as doing it.
(d) He calls Charles a liar and orders him out of his house.

11. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?
(a) Not to marry Ernestina.
(b) Never to see Sarah again.
(c) To collect Ernestina and return to London the next day.
(d) To fire Sam.

12. What does Sarah say to Charles after they discuss her lie about Varguennes?
(a) I wanted to see what it might have been like with him.
(b) You cannot marry me. Leave.
(c) I am not cut out to be a mistress so we have to marry.
(d) I will go to London and you can come to me whenever you need.

13. What shocks Charles during his interview with Mr. Freeman?
(a) Freeman offers him a job in his business.
(b) Mr. Freeman tells Charles that Ernestina is adopted.
(c) Freeman suggests decreasing Ernestina's dowry.
(d) Freeman offers to buy Charles a title.

14. What does Knowles acknowledge as the modern gentleman?
(a) The capitalist
(b) The educator
(c) The scientist
(d) The politician

15. What happens after Charles puts out the fire on Sarah's blanket when coals pop from the fireplace?
(a) He jumps up to leave.
(b) They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.
(c) Mrs. Endicott runs in to see what the smell is.
(d) Sarah begins to cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Aunt Tranter affected in all of the problems?

2. How does Charles explain himself to Sam?

3. When she couldn't sleep, what does Ernestina decide to do?

4. What document does Dr. Grogan give Charles to read?

5. Where does Charles go after leaving Sarah?

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