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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When she couldn't sleep, what does Ernestina decide to do?
(a) Go look for Aunt Tranter.
(b) Go to the kitchen and eat.
(c) Go for a walk.
(d) Write in her diary.

2. What kind of morning greets Charles as he begins his walk to meet Sarah?
(a) It is gray and rainy, symbolic of the gloom into which he is walking.
(b) It is a foggy morning that compared to the blindness Charles feels about himself.
(c) It is beautiful and serene, leaving Charles feeling as though it were for him paradise lost.
(d) It is cold and threatening, making Charles feel as though he is walking into an icy death.

3. What does Charles admit to Dr. Grogan about his feelings for Ernestina?
(a) That his only interest in her is her dowry.
(b) That she understands very little of what he is.
(c) That he was sure it would take years for Ernestina to understand him.
(d) That the attraction has worn off and he feels trapped.

4. What has happened at the prostitute's house?
(a) Charles has intercourse with the girl before finding out her name was Sarah.
(b) Charles passes out from too much to drink and sleeps in a chair.
(c) Sarah's little daughter comes in and gets into bed with them.
(d) Charles has been drinking heavily and begins throwing up when she said her name was Sarah.

5. What does Knowles explain the Victorian ending is all about?
(a) An exercise in literary speculation.
(b) A means of explaining the Victorian mentality.
(c) Charles' imagination of how things would end.
(d) Ernestina's dream the night before Charles returns to Lyme.

6. What gimmick does Knowles use as an ending of the story in Chapter 44?
(a) The story as it would have been written in Victorian England.
(b) A story within a story that has no ending.
(c) A flashback to the time Ernestine was sixteen.
(d) The breakup of Charles' engagement to Ernestine.

7. What happens after that first kiss?
(a) Sarah asks him to carry her to her bed before he leaves.
(b) Charles removes Sarah's shawl and night gown.
(c) Charles panics and runs out of her room.
(d) Overcome with passion, Charles tears off his clothes and makes love to her.

8. What does Charles find inside the old shed?
(a) Sarah's clothes but no Sarah.
(b) Sarah's bonnet she had left behind.
(c) Sarah sleeping on some hay.
(d) Ernestina who had come to catch Charles.

9. What does Knowles say that the Victorians had thrown at them night and day in the same way we have sex thrown at us today?
(a) Education
(b) Overdressing
(c) Religion
(d) Nobility

10. How is Aunt Tranter affected in all of the problems?
(a) She says she never trusted Charles.
(b) She is confused and angry.
(c) She thinks it is all for the best.
(d) She wants to have the police confront Charles.

11. Why does Ernestina come to Charles' hotel room?
(a) She wants him to read her diary.
(b) She had heard that Charles is planning to leave Lyme.
(c) She wants to get him to return to Aunt Tranter's house.
(d) She comes for breakfast.

12. What do Sam and Mary see briefly at the shed door?
(a) A dark bonnet hanging on a nail
(b) Ernestina
(c) Sarah Woodruff
(d) Dr. Gorgan

13. Why is Sarah out of the flat when the baby is crying?
(a) She goes to get Charles a hansom.
(b) She goes to buy tea for breakfast.
(c) She goes to pick up her mail.
(d) She goes for medicine for Charles' hangover.

14. How does Charles think about the three-word message from Sarah?
(a) As her way of saying good-bye.
(b) As a way of saying thank you.
(c) As a kind of trap and threat.
(d) As an oxymoron like proud begging.

15. How does Charles explain himself to Sam?
(a) That he has volunteered for the search party.
(b) That he accidentally heard someone in the shed and went in to see who it was.
(c) That he is there on the instruction of Dr. Grogan.
(d) That he has come to tell Sarah never to bother him again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Charles' interest in paleontology now?

2. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?

3. What does Knowles say readers should now see as obvious?

4. What is the outcome of Charles' interview with Ernestina's father, Mr. Freeman?

5. What happens after Charles puts out the fire on Sarah's blanket when coals pop from the fireplace?

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