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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Charles' attitude toward Sam when he returns after his night out?
(a) He warns Sam about being too nosey.
(b) He tells Sam to take that insolent look off his face.
(c) He regards Sam as a real friend unlike his friends at the club.
(d) He thanks Sam for helping him escape being seen by Mrs. Rogers.

2. What does Sarah say to Charles after they discuss her lie about Varguennes?
(a) I will go to London and you can come to me whenever you need.
(b) I am not cut out to be a mistress so we have to marry.
(c) I wanted to see what it might have been like with him.
(d) You cannot marry me. Leave.

3. To what does Knowles compare Charles' official decision to go ahead with his marriage to Ernestina?
(a) His decision to confess to the vicar.
(b) His official decision once to take Holy Orders.
(c) His decision to go and look for Sarah.
(d) His decision to become a tradesman.

4. Where does the cab deliver Charles and the prostitute?
(a) At her flat
(b) At a bordello
(c) At a cheap hotel
(d) At Chrale's Kensington home

5. Why does Mrs. Endicott allow Charles to go up to Sarah's room?
(a) She thinks he is Sarah's lawyer.
(b) She thinks he is a doctor.
(c) She thinks he is Sarah's brother.
(d) She takes a bribe from Charles.

6. What is Mrs. Endicott's Bible?
(a) Her weekly newspaper
(b) Her accounts ledger
(c) Her almanac
(d) Her horoscope

7. After Ernestina goes back to sleep, what happens in the kitchen downstairs?
(a) Aunt Tranter finds Mrs. Fairley there.
(b) The men who have been searching for Sarah are there.
(c) Sam comes and leaves Mary crying at the kitchen table.
(d) Charles returns and demands his breakfast.

8. How does Dr. Grogan threaten Charles?
(a) That he will help Ernestina sue for breach of promise and see charles ruined.
(b) That he will tell everyone what Charles has done if he doesn't leave Lyme.
(c) That if he does not leave within the hour he will return with the largest horse whip he can find.
(d) That he will sign the papers sending Charles to the insane assylum.

9. What does Dr. Grogan suggest?
(a) That he will handle the matter with Sarah and Charles must go away.
(b) That Dr. Grogan himself goes to find out what Sarah really wants.
(c) That Charles insists on eloping with Ernestina at once.
(d) That Charles see Sarah and make up his mind who he loves.

10. In the Victorian ending, what unlikely thing does Charles do?
(a) Goes into business with Ernestine's father.
(b) Warns Ernestine never to mention the name of Tragedy.
(c) Tells Ernestine everything about him and Sarah.
(d) Pays for Sam's and Mary's wedding.

11. What does Charles decide to do?
(a) Open a bottle of brandy and get drunk.
(b) Send Sam to look for Sarah.
(c) Go back and tell Dr. Grogan the whole truth.
(d) Go out and look for Sarah himself.

12. What is Dr. Grogan's recommendation for Ernestina's treatment?
(a) Send her to Bedlam.
(b) Send for her father.
(c) Take her on a trip abroad.
(d) Humor her in whatever she wants to do.

13. Where does Charles go after leaving Sarah?
(a) To the carriage depot
(b) To find Sam
(c) To his hotel room
(d) To a church

14. What does Sam do after leaving Charles in his room at the Ship?
(a) Goes to the telegraph office to send a message to Mary.
(b) Finds himself a cheap hotel for the night.
(c) Goes to the kitchen and orders a large meal charged to Charles.
(d) Goes and hides out of sight across from the Endicott's Family Hotel.

15. When she couldn't sleep, what does Ernestina decide to do?
(a) Go for a walk.
(b) Write in her diary.
(c) Go to the kitchen and eat.
(d) Go look for Aunt Tranter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Charles think about the three-word message from Sarah?

2. What does Knowles say that the Victorians had thrown at them night and day in the same way we have sex thrown at us today?

3. After leaving the brothel, what does Charles do?

4. In the Victorian ending, what becomes of Mrs. Poulteney?

5. What does Sarah say when Charles says he must break his engagement?

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