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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the outcome of Charles' interview with Ernestina's father, Mr. Freeman?
(a) He withdraws his offer of Ernestina's hand in marriage.
(b) Mr. Freeman does not object to Charles' change in fortune.
(c) Charles cannot bring himself to tell the truth.
(d) Mr. Freeman increases Ernestina's dowry.

2. Where is Charles twenty months later?
(a) Back in Exeter
(b) In America
(c) In the French Foreign Legion
(d) Traveling abroad

3. How does Charles explain himself to Sam?
(a) That he is there on the instruction of Dr. Grogan.
(b) That he has volunteered for the search party.
(c) That he accidentally heard someone in the shed and went in to see who it was.
(d) That he has come to tell Sarah never to bother him again.

4. What is Charles' attitude toward Sam when he returns after his night out?
(a) He tells Sam to take that insolent look off his face.
(b) He warns Sam about being too nosey.
(c) He thanks Sam for helping him escape being seen by Mrs. Rogers.
(d) He regards Sam as a real friend unlike his friends at the club.

5. Why does Mrs. Endicott allow Charles to go up to Sarah's room?
(a) She thinks he is Sarah's lawyer.
(b) She takes a bribe from Charles.
(c) She thinks he is a doctor.
(d) She thinks he is Sarah's brother.

6. What is Mrs. Endicott's Bible?
(a) Her weekly newspaper
(b) Her almanac
(c) Her horoscope
(d) Her accounts ledger

7. Who does Charles meet face-to-face as he exits the shed?
(a) Dr. Grogan
(b) Mrs. Fairley
(c) The vicar
(d) Sam and Mary

8. Where does Charles go after leaving the Freeman mansion?
(a) To his club on St. James
(b) To his flat in Kensington
(c) To the theatre
(d) To his best friend's house

9. What does Charles discover from Mrs. Endicott?
(a) Sarah has left the hotel and did not leave a forwarding address.
(b) Sarah has fallen and hurt her ankle.
(c) Sarah has returned to Lyme.
(d) Sarah sends word that she will not see Charles.

10. What is in the second letter Charles opens that morning?
(a) An apology
(b) A bill
(c) An address
(d) A blackmail message

11. What does Knowles say readers should now see as obvious?
(a) That Sam had proposed marriage to Mary.
(b) That Sam is planning to abandon Mary.
(c) That Mary is pregnant with Sam's baby.
(d) That Sam and Mary had been to that barn many times before.

12. What gimmick does Knowles use as an ending of the story in Chapter 44?
(a) A story within a story that has no ending.
(b) The story as it would have been written in Victorian England.
(c) A flashback to the time Ernestine was sixteen.
(d) The breakup of Charles' engagement to Ernestine.

13. What does Sam do after leaving Charles in his room at the Ship?
(a) Finds himself a cheap hotel for the night.
(b) Goes and hides out of sight across from the Endicott's Family Hotel.
(c) Goes to the kitchen and orders a large meal charged to Charles.
(d) Goes to the telegraph office to send a message to Mary.

14. To what animal does Charles compare himself at the time?
(a) A pampered Pekinese dependant on his future father-in-law.
(b) The hedgehog who curls up in a ball and erects its spines of aristocracy.
(c) A serpent that devours everyone around him.
(d) A feral cat who must make his way by stealth and cunning.

15. What is Charles' interest in paleontology now?
(a) He is excavating in Egypt.
(b) He works at it spasmotically.
(c) He has lost all interest and gives away his samples.
(d) He has found a dynasaur.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sam go to work?

2. What does Charles observe about American women?

3. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?

4. What does Charles admit to Dr. Grogan about his feelings for Ernestina?

5. What does Freeman recognize about the times?

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