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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Charles go after leaving the Freeman mansion?
(a) To his best friend's house
(b) To his flat in Kensington
(c) To the theatre
(d) To his club on St. James

2. How is Aunt Tranter affected in all of the problems?
(a) She wants to have the police confront Charles.
(b) She thinks it is all for the best.
(c) She is confused and angry.
(d) She says she never trusted Charles.

3. After the prostitute gets into bed, Charles stares down at her and asks her name. What is her answer?
(a) Ernestina
(b) Victoria
(c) Sarah
(d) Mary

4. What does Charles find inside the old shed?
(a) Sarah sleeping on some hay.
(b) Sarah's bonnet she had left behind.
(c) Sarah's clothes but no Sarah.
(d) Ernestina who had come to catch Charles.

5. What gimmick does Knowles use as an ending of the story in Chapter 44?
(a) A story within a story that has no ending.
(b) A flashback to the time Ernestine was sixteen.
(c) The breakup of Charles' engagement to Ernestine.
(d) The story as it would have been written in Victorian England.

6. After Ernestina goes back to sleep, what happens in the kitchen downstairs?
(a) The men who have been searching for Sarah are there.
(b) Aunt Tranter finds Mrs. Fairley there.
(c) Charles returns and demands his breakfast.
(d) Sam comes and leaves Mary crying at the kitchen table.

7. What is Sarah's reaction to Charles' guilt?
(a) She says she cannot believe he is like Mrs. Poulteney.
(b) She says all she wants is his happiness.
(c) She calls him stupid and behind the times.
(d) She accuses him of being like the French Lieutenant.

8. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?
(a) In a convent
(b) In a cheap rooming house
(c) In a shelter for the homeless
(d) In the Endicott Family Hotel

9. What do Sam and Mary see briefly at the shed door?
(a) Dr. Gorgan
(b) Ernestina
(c) A dark bonnet hanging on a nail
(d) Sarah Woodruff

10. What does Charles observe about American women?
(a) He sees them as no different from women in England.
(b) He sees a shadow of Sarah in each of them.
(c) He considers them too pristine.
(d) He thinks that they have no sense of style.

11. What does Knowles say modern society has destroyed by throwing over the aura of mystery about sex?
(a) The openness to talk about it
(b) The shame
(c) The pleasure
(d) The need for it

12. Where is Charles twenty months later?
(a) Back in Exeter
(b) In America
(c) In the French Foreign Legion
(d) Traveling abroad

13. What happens after that first kiss?
(a) Charles removes Sarah's shawl and night gown.
(b) Overcome with passion, Charles tears off his clothes and makes love to her.
(c) Charles panics and runs out of her room.
(d) Sarah asks him to carry her to her bed before he leaves.

14. What humiliation is Charles forced to undergo?
(a) Appearing in court for breech of promise.
(b) Being expelled from his club.
(c) Losing his home in Kensington.
(d) Signing a letter of guilt for Mr. Freeman.

15. How does Dr. Grogan rebut Charles' objection that nothing improper passed between him and Sarah?
(a) He calls Charles a liar and orders him out of his house.
(b) He says Charles protests too much.
(c) He uses the catechism about wishing for a sinful act being the same as doing it.
(d) He confesses that he saw them in his telescope.

Short Answer Questions

1. After leaving the brothel, what does Charles do?

2. What does Knowles say readers should now see as obvious?

3. What shocks Charles during his interview with Mr. Freeman?

4. What happens when Sam comes to Charles' hotel room?

5. What does Freeman recognize about the times?

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