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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Charles' interest in paleontology now?
(a) He has found a dynasaur.
(b) He is excavating in Egypt.
(c) He works at it spasmotically.
(d) He has lost all interest and gives away his samples.

2. What does Dr. Grogan suggest?
(a) That Dr. Grogan himself goes to find out what Sarah really wants.
(b) That Charles insists on eloping with Ernestina at once.
(c) That Charles see Sarah and make up his mind who he loves.
(d) That he will handle the matter with Sarah and Charles must go away.

3. To what does Knowles compare Charles' official decision to go ahead with his marriage to Ernestina?
(a) His decision to confess to the vicar.
(b) His decision to become a tradesman.
(c) His official decision once to take Holy Orders.
(d) His decision to go and look for Sarah.

4. What does Sam tell Charles he wants two hundred and eighty pounds for?
(a) So he can marry Mary.
(b) To buy a shop.
(c) To keep quiet about Sarah.
(d) To leave and find another employer.

5. What document does Dr. Grogan give Charles to read?
(a) The trial of Lieutenant Le Ronciere.
(b) Darwin's Origin of Species
(c) The admission requirements for Bedlam.
(d) The gossip in the local newspaper.

6. What is Charles' attitude toward Sam when he returns after his night out?
(a) He thanks Sam for helping him escape being seen by Mrs. Rogers.
(b) He regards Sam as a real friend unlike his friends at the club.
(c) He tells Sam to take that insolent look off his face.
(d) He warns Sam about being too nosey.

7. What humiliation is Charles forced to undergo?
(a) Being expelled from his club.
(b) Appearing in court for breech of promise.
(c) Signing a letter of guilt for Mr. Freeman.
(d) Losing his home in Kensington.

8. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?
(a) In a shelter for the homeless
(b) In a cheap rooming house
(c) In the Endicott Family Hotel
(d) In a convent

9. What does Charles attempt to do with Sarah?
(a) Get her to pretend suicide.
(b) Give her money to go to Exeter and find a job.
(c) Help him make up a story about how he found her there.
(d) Get her to go to Paris with him.

10. How does Dr. Grogan threaten Charles?
(a) That if he does not leave within the hour he will return with the largest horse whip he can find.
(b) That he will help Ernestina sue for breach of promise and see charles ruined.
(c) That he will sign the papers sending Charles to the insane assylum.
(d) That he will tell everyone what Charles has done if he doesn't leave Lyme.

11. Where is Charles twenty months later?
(a) Traveling abroad
(b) In the French Foreign Legion
(c) In America
(d) Back in Exeter

12. Where does Charles go after leaving the Freeman mansion?
(a) To his club on St. James
(b) To his best friend's house
(c) To the theatre
(d) To his flat in Kensington

13. What does Dr. Grogan do in his speech to Charles?
(a) Admits to having an affair himself with Sarah.
(b) Shames Charles for his stupidity.
(c) He paints a picture of Sarah as an opportunist who had led Charles on.
(d) Suggests that Charles run away with Sarah.

14. How does Charles think about the three-word message from Sarah?
(a) As a way of saying thank you.
(b) As her way of saying good-bye.
(c) As a kind of trap and threat.
(d) As an oxymoron like proud begging.

15. What metaphor does Charles use to describe his guilt of lying about Sarah?
(a) Sir Galahad showing Guinevere to be a whore.
(b) Sir Lancelot casting blame on the Lady of the Lake.
(c) Robin Hood denouncing Maid Marian as a strumpet.
(d) King Arthur lusting for Morgan Le Fey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Knowles acknowledge as the modern gentleman?

2. How does Sam try to start gossip with Mrs. Rogers at the Kensington house?

3. Why does Charles go to see Dr. Grogan?

4. When she couldn't sleep, what does Ernestina decide to do?

5. What is in the second letter Charles opens that morning?

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