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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Charles going to London?
(a) To inform Ernestina's father of the changes in his fortune.
(b) To hire another manservant.
(c) To collect money for travel to Europe.
(d) To hire a lawyer to get rid of Mrs. Trotter.

2. What is Charles' attitude toward Sam when he returns after his night out?
(a) He warns Sam about being too nosey.
(b) He tells Sam to take that insolent look off his face.
(c) He thanks Sam for helping him escape being seen by Mrs. Rogers.
(d) He regards Sam as a real friend unlike his friends at the club.

3. What does Sarah say when Charles says he must break his engagement?
(a) You wouldn't be happy with that innocent girl anyway.
(b) I ask nothing of you. I am to blame.
(c) Does that mean you will marry me?
(d) I never thought I would hear you say that.

4. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?
(a) Not to marry Ernestina.
(b) To collect Ernestina and return to London the next day.
(c) Never to see Sarah again.
(d) To fire Sam.

5. How does Charles explain his separation from Ernestina when he visits the club.
(a) He says he is on parole while she takes the Dorset waters.
(b) He says he had pressing business in London but she wanted to stay in Lyme.
(c) He says she is at home visiting her father and gave him the night off.
(d) He says she is too busy planning the wedding.

6. To what animal does Charles compare himself at the time?
(a) A pampered Pekinese dependant on his future father-in-law.
(b) A serpent that devours everyone around him.
(c) The hedgehog who curls up in a ball and erects its spines of aristocracy.
(d) A feral cat who must make his way by stealth and cunning.

7. How does Charles think about the three-word message from Sarah?
(a) As an oxymoron like proud begging.
(b) As a kind of trap and threat.
(c) As a way of saying thank you.
(d) As her way of saying good-bye.

8. What does Charles' purse provide Sarah in Exeter?
(a) A sense of indebtedness
(b) A reminder of her shame
(c) A roof over her head for one week
(d) More little luxuries than she had ever had

9. What is Mrs. Endicott's Bible?
(a) Her weekly newspaper
(b) Her accounts ledger
(c) Her almanac
(d) Her horoscope

10. What does Sam do after leaving Charles in his room at the Ship?
(a) Finds himself a cheap hotel for the night.
(b) Goes to the kitchen and orders a large meal charged to Charles.
(c) Goes to the telegraph office to send a message to Mary.
(d) Goes and hides out of sight across from the Endicott's Family Hotel.

11. Where does Sam go to work?
(a) For the Duke of Windsor
(b) In Mr. Freeman's store
(c) At Sir Robert's estate
(d) In the Whie Lion Inn

12. What does Charles admit to Dr. Grogan about his feelings for Ernestina?
(a) That he was sure it would take years for Ernestina to understand him.
(b) That she understands very little of what he is.
(c) That the attraction has worn off and he feels trapped.
(d) That his only interest in her is her dowry.

13. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?
(a) That Sarah is a virgin.
(b) That he is free to leave Sarah forever.
(c) That he had not wanted to make love to Sarah.
(d) That Sarah had planned his seduction carefully.

14. What is in the letter from Dr. Grogan?
(a) A suggestion of how he can continue with Sarah in secret.
(b) The thought that there is no need for confession or absolution.
(c) His report that the whole community is talking about charles.
(d) Information that Sarah has left Lyme.

15. Why does Mrs. Endicott allow Charles to go up to Sarah's room?
(a) She takes a bribe from Charles.
(b) She thinks he is a doctor.
(c) She thinks he is Sarah's brother.
(d) She thinks he is Sarah's lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. When she couldn't sleep, what does Ernestina decide to do?

2. What is in the second letter Charles opens that morning?

3. Where does Sarah stay in Exeter?

4. Where does Charles go after leaving the Freeman mansion?

5. What does Sarah suggest Mrs. Poulteney do with her severance pay?

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