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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Endicott's Bible?
(a) Her horoscope
(b) Her almanac
(c) Her weekly newspaper
(d) Her accounts ledger

2. How does Charles explain himself to Sam?
(a) That he is there on the instruction of Dr. Grogan.
(b) That he has come to tell Sarah never to bother him again.
(c) That he has volunteered for the search party.
(d) That he accidentally heard someone in the shed and went in to see who it was.

3. How does Charles proceed to break off with Ernestina and return to Sarah?
(a) He arranges for Sarah and Ernestina to meet.
(b) He has Sam tell Ernestina what he knows.
(c) He writes Sarah a letter and goes to tell Ernestina he cannot marry her.
(d) He leaves the country and does not tell anyone where he is.

4. To what animal does Charles compare himself at the time?
(a) A pampered Pekinese dependant on his future father-in-law.
(b) A feral cat who must make his way by stealth and cunning.
(c) The hedgehog who curls up in a ball and erects its spines of aristocracy.
(d) A serpent that devours everyone around him.

5. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?
(a) That Sarah is a virgin.
(b) That Sarah had planned his seduction carefully.
(c) That he is free to leave Sarah forever.
(d) That he had not wanted to make love to Sarah.

6. What does Charles' purse provide Sarah in Exeter?
(a) A sense of indebtedness
(b) A roof over her head for one week
(c) More little luxuries than she had ever had
(d) A reminder of her shame

7. What is Charles' interest in paleontology now?
(a) He has lost all interest and gives away his samples.
(b) He works at it spasmotically.
(c) He is excavating in Egypt.
(d) He has found a dynasaur.

8. What gimmick does Knowles use as an ending of the story in Chapter 44?
(a) A story within a story that has no ending.
(b) The breakup of Charles' engagement to Ernestine.
(c) The story as it would have been written in Victorian England.
(d) A flashback to the time Ernestine was sixteen.

9. What does Sarah suggest Mrs. Poulteney do with her severance pay?
(a) Give it to Mrs. Fairley for services rendered.
(b) Put it in the church collection plate.
(c) Buy an instrument of torture to use on the staff.
(d) Buy some rum and drink it.

10. How does Dr. Grogan rebut Charles' objection that nothing improper passed between him and Sarah?
(a) He says Charles protests too much.
(b) He calls Charles a liar and orders him out of his house.
(c) He uses the catechism about wishing for a sinful act being the same as doing it.
(d) He confesses that he saw them in his telescope.

11. Why does Charles go to Dr. Grogan?
(a) To get the doctor to deny the rumors of his breakup.
(b) To get his emotional support .
(c) To get him to go see about Ernestina.
(d) To see if he has lost his mind.

12. What humiliation is Charles forced to undergo?
(a) Signing a letter of guilt for Mr. Freeman.
(b) Losing his home in Kensington.
(c) Being expelled from his club.
(d) Appearing in court for breech of promise.

13. Why does Charles not feel bad about his privileged class?
(a) He was raised to accept his privileged status.
(b) He is oblivious to the people around him.
(c) He is too unhappy to consider it.
(d) He thinks everyone but the beggars look happy.

14. What does Sarah say when Charles says he must break his engagement?
(a) I ask nothing of you. I am to blame.
(b) I never thought I would hear you say that.
(c) You wouldn't be happy with that innocent girl anyway.
(d) Does that mean you will marry me?

15. What shocks Charles during his interview with Mr. Freeman?
(a) Freeman offers to buy Charles a title.
(b) Freeman offers him a job in his business.
(c) Freeman suggests decreasing Ernestina's dowry.
(d) Mr. Freeman tells Charles that Ernestina is adopted.

Short Answer Questions

1. After impulsively kissing Sarah, what does Charles do?

2. After Charles discovers that Sarah has vanished, who intrudes in his railway compartment?

3. What new service does Charles use to try and locate Sarah?

4. What kind of morning greets Charles as he begins his walk to meet Sarah?

5. What does Charles find inside the old shed?

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