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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charles proceed to break off with Ernestina and return to Sarah?
(a) He arranges for Sarah and Ernestina to meet.
(b) He writes Sarah a letter and goes to tell Ernestina he cannot marry her.
(c) He leaves the country and does not tell anyone where he is.
(d) He has Sam tell Ernestina what he knows.

2. What does Sarah say to Charles after they discuss her lie about Varguennes?
(a) I will go to London and you can come to me whenever you need.
(b) You cannot marry me. Leave.
(c) I wanted to see what it might have been like with him.
(d) I am not cut out to be a mistress so we have to marry.

3. What humiliation is Charles forced to undergo?
(a) Appearing in court for breech of promise.
(b) Signing a letter of guilt for Mr. Freeman.
(c) Being expelled from his club.
(d) Losing his home in Kensington.

4. Why does Charles go to Dr. Grogan?
(a) To see if he has lost his mind.
(b) To get the doctor to deny the rumors of his breakup.
(c) To get his emotional support .
(d) To get him to go see about Ernestina.

5. What does Charles' purse provide Sarah in Exeter?
(a) A reminder of her shame
(b) A roof over her head for one week
(c) A sense of indebtedness
(d) More little luxuries than she had ever had

6. What does Charles attempt to do with Sarah?
(a) Give her money to go to Exeter and find a job.
(b) Get her to go to Paris with him.
(c) Get her to pretend suicide.
(d) Help him make up a story about how he found her there.

7. Why does Charles go to see Dr. Grogan?
(a) He needs advice about what to say to Sarah when they meet.
(b) He wants sleeping powder for Ernestina.
(c) He needs advice after receiving a note from Sarah.
(d) He suspects Dr. Grogan saw him with Sarah through his telescope.

8. Where is Charles twenty months later?
(a) In the French Foreign Legion
(b) Back in Exeter
(c) In America
(d) Traveling abroad

9. What does Sarah suggest Mrs. Poulteney do with her severance pay?
(a) Put it in the church collection plate.
(b) Buy some rum and drink it.
(c) Buy an instrument of torture to use on the staff.
(d) Give it to Mrs. Fairley for services rendered.

10. How does Dr. Grogan threaten Charles?
(a) That he will help Ernestina sue for breach of promise and see charles ruined.
(b) That he will sign the papers sending Charles to the insane assylum.
(c) That he will tell everyone what Charles has done if he doesn't leave Lyme.
(d) That if he does not leave within the hour he will return with the largest horse whip he can find.

11. Why is Charles going to London?
(a) To inform Ernestina's father of the changes in his fortune.
(b) To collect money for travel to Europe.
(c) To hire a lawyer to get rid of Mrs. Trotter.
(d) To hire another manservant.

12. What does Charles observe about American women?
(a) He sees a shadow of Sarah in each of them.
(b) He sees them as no different from women in England.
(c) He thinks that they have no sense of style.
(d) He considers them too pristine.

13. How does Dr. Grogan rebut Charles' objection that nothing improper passed between him and Sarah?
(a) He uses the catechism about wishing for a sinful act being the same as doing it.
(b) He calls Charles a liar and orders him out of his house.
(c) He says Charles protests too much.
(d) He confesses that he saw them in his telescope.

14. What happens after Charles puts out the fire on Sarah's blanket when coals pop from the fireplace?
(a) Sarah begins to cry.
(b) They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.
(c) He jumps up to leave.
(d) Mrs. Endicott runs in to see what the smell is.

15. What does Sarah say when Charles says he must break his engagement?
(a) Does that mean you will marry me?
(b) I never thought I would hear you say that.
(c) You wouldn't be happy with that innocent girl anyway.
(d) I ask nothing of you. I am to blame.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Ernestina to be unable to sleep?

2. Where does the cab deliver Charles and the prostitute?

3. Where does Sam go to work?

4. What metaphor does Charles use to describe his guilt of lying about Sarah?

5. What is Dr. Grogan's recommendation for Ernestina's treatment?

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