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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What discovery does Charles make that hits him like a thunderbolt?
(a) That he had not wanted to make love to Sarah.
(b) That he is free to leave Sarah forever.
(c) That Sarah is a virgin.
(d) That Sarah had planned his seduction carefully.

2. What happens after that first kiss?
(a) Charles panics and runs out of her room.
(b) Charles removes Sarah's shawl and night gown.
(c) Sarah asks him to carry her to her bed before he leaves.
(d) Overcome with passion, Charles tears off his clothes and makes love to her.

3. What happens after Charles puts out the fire on Sarah's blanket when coals pop from the fireplace?
(a) They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.
(b) Sarah begins to cry.
(c) Mrs. Endicott runs in to see what the smell is.
(d) He jumps up to leave.

4. What does Knowles explain the Victorian ending is all about?
(a) Ernestina's dream the night before Charles returns to Lyme.
(b) A means of explaining the Victorian mentality.
(c) An exercise in literary speculation.
(d) Charles' imagination of how things would end.

5. What new service does Charles use to try and locate Sarah?
(a) Radio advertisement
(b) Private investigators
(c) Personal ads in the Times
(d) Police all points bulletins

6. What does Sam tell Charles he wants two hundred and eighty pounds for?
(a) To buy a shop.
(b) To leave and find another employer.
(c) So he can marry Mary.
(d) To keep quiet about Sarah.

7. What does Dr. Grogan suggest?
(a) That he will handle the matter with Sarah and Charles must go away.
(b) That Charles see Sarah and make up his mind who he loves.
(c) That Charles insists on eloping with Ernestina at once.
(d) That Dr. Grogan himself goes to find out what Sarah really wants.

8. Why does Charles go into the child's room?
(a) He suddenly feels very paternal.
(b) He is curious to see if there really is a child.
(c) She is crying and a male neighbor is banging on the wall.
(d) He thinks he hears the girl strangling.

9. What does Charles' purse provide Sarah in Exeter?
(a) A roof over her head for one week
(b) A reminder of her shame
(c) More little luxuries than she had ever had
(d) A sense of indebtedness

10. What has happened at the prostitute's house?
(a) Charles has intercourse with the girl before finding out her name was Sarah.
(b) Charles passes out from too much to drink and sleeps in a chair.
(c) Sarah's little daughter comes in and gets into bed with them.
(d) Charles has been drinking heavily and begins throwing up when she said her name was Sarah.

11. What does Sarah say when Charles says he must break his engagement?
(a) You wouldn't be happy with that innocent girl anyway.
(b) I ask nothing of you. I am to blame.
(c) I never thought I would hear you say that.
(d) Does that mean you will marry me?

12. After Ernestina goes back to sleep, what happens in the kitchen downstairs?
(a) The men who have been searching for Sarah are there.
(b) Sam comes and leaves Mary crying at the kitchen table.
(c) Aunt Tranter finds Mrs. Fairley there.
(d) Charles returns and demands his breakfast.

13. How is Aunt Tranter affected in all of the problems?
(a) She is confused and angry.
(b) She says she never trusted Charles.
(c) She wants to have the police confront Charles.
(d) She thinks it is all for the best.

14. What do Sam and Mary see briefly at the shed door?
(a) Ernestina
(b) Sarah Woodruff
(c) Dr. Gorgan
(d) A dark bonnet hanging on a nail

15. Why does Mrs. Endicott allow Charles to go up to Sarah's room?
(a) She thinks he is Sarah's brother.
(b) She thinks he is Sarah's lawyer.
(c) She takes a bribe from Charles.
(d) She thinks he is a doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Charles not feel bad about his privileged class?

2. What kind of morning greets Charles as he begins his walk to meet Sarah?

3. Where does the cab deliver Charles and the prostitute?

4. Why is Charles going to London?

5. What does Charles attempt to do with Sarah?

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