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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the bright, sunny morning in Lyme, how does Ernestina awaken?
(a) Afraid that exposure to sunlight would darken her skin.
(b) Too late to see Charles who had already left for a walk.
(c) Bright and bubbly, anxious to see Charles.
(d) In a mood that the brilliance of the morning only aggravated.

2. What is the objection of Mrs. Poulteney and others like her to the Assembly Rooms?
(a) The toilets are in full view of the windows.
(b) They promote whist, cigar smoking, balls, and other pleasures.
(c) The architecture is too plain and stark.
(d) The rooms are too small and stuffy.

3. What resolution does Charles make on his way back to Lyme?
(a) To go to confession.
(b) To have physical relations with Sarah the next time they meet.
(c) To avoid Sarah of his own free will.
(d) To break off his engagement to Ernestina.

4. After parting from Sarah and leaving Sam and Mary, what are Charles' thoughts?
(a) That he has been scarred for life.
(b) The he has been playing with fire.
(c) That he is now like Sarah.
(d) That Sam cannot be trusted with his secret.

5. What revelation does Sarah make to Charles about the French lieutenant?
(a) That he beat her before he left England.
(b) That he is the father of her child.
(c) That he is married.
(d) That he has never even written to her.

6. What causes Sarah and the lieutenant to be thrown together in Capt. Talbot's house?
(a) The lieutenant has a broken leg and Sarah was his nurse.
(b) They share adjoining rooms.
(c) She is working for Capt. Talbot as secretary.
(d) The lieutenant only speaks French and Sarah interprets.

7. What is Knowles' description of Mrs. Poulteney's unsuccessful appeal to knowledge?
(a) A successful appeal to disapproval.
(b) A look somewhat like a white Pekinese.
(c) A blank stare signifying nothing.
(d) A look of solid comprehension.

8. What is Ernestina's reaction to the flowers Sam delivers from Charles?
(a) She frowns because she is ashamed of herself.
(b) She jumps from bed and dances around the room.
(c) She wants to know if a shop keeper delivered the flowers.
(d) She frowns because she has been imagining unfaithfulness of Charles' part.

9. What is Sarah's position in Charmouth?
(a) Librarian.
(b) Milk maid.
(c) Governess.
(d) Housekeeper.

10. What characteristics make Aunt Tranter very special?
(a) Plumpness and a jocular spirit.
(b) Optimism and making the best of everything for all.
(c) High moral and religious values.
(d) Wealth and generosity.

11. How does Sarah begin describing the French lieutenant to Charles?
(a) That he comes on to her immediately.
(b) That he is pitiful and helpless.
(c) That he is brave and a gentleman.
(d) That he is handsome and a smooth talker.

12. What is Charles' quandary over Sarah's disappearance?
(a) He suspects she may be prepared to blackmail him.
(b) If she committed suicide, she may have left a not implicating him.
(c) If she is alive, he knows where she probably is but cannot tell anyone.
(d) If she is still alive, he has a responsibility to her.

13. What is Ernestina's great fear about marriage?
(a) The sinfulness of sex.
(b) The pain and brutality of sex.
(c) The dread of being seen naked.
(d) The idea of becoming amother.

14. What does Sarah ask of Charles?
(a) That he loan her money.
(b) That he teach her paleontology.
(c) That he take her away.
(d) One hour of his time.

15. What double duty does Sam perform at Mrs. Tranter's door?
(a) He delivers Charles' bouquet for Ernestina and a smaller one for Mary, the maid.
(b) He recites a poem to Mary as he gives her the flowers for Ernestina.
(c) He delivers the flowers for Ernestina and an invitation to a dance for Mary.
(d) He delivers the flowers along with a singing telegram.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sam's dream about Mary?

2. Why does Mrs. Talbot decide not to rehire Sarah Woodruff?

3. How does Ernestina react to Charles' suggestion that they elope and go to Paris?

4. What is the action between Charles and his servant, Sam, on the bright sunny morning in Dorset?

5. When Charles and Sarah leave the secluded place, who do they meet coming up toward them?

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