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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ernestina react to Charles' suggestion that they elope and go to Paris?
(a) She calls the idea wickedness.
(b) She runs to pack her bag.
(c) She laughs uproarously.
(d) She faints and falls into a chair.

2. How does Knowles use these changes to invite suspense?
(a) He suggests that something sinister is about to happen.
(b) He states that Charles still does not guess.
(c) He makes the reader expect great things for Charles.
(d) He suggests that the uncle has regained his health.

3. What is the action between Charles and his servant, Sam, on the bright sunny morning in Dorset?
(a) At odds with one another.
(b) Stern and overbearing.
(c) Playful and teasing.
(d) Silent and moody.

4. What double duty does Sam perform at Mrs. Tranter's door?
(a) He delivers the flowers for Ernestina and an invitation to a dance for Mary.
(b) He delivers the flowers along with a singing telegram.
(c) He delivers Charles' bouquet for Ernestina and a smaller one for Mary, the maid.
(d) He recites a poem to Mary as he gives her the flowers for Ernestina.

5. What is Sarah's position in Charmouth?
(a) Milk maid.
(b) Librarian.
(c) Housekeeper.
(d) Governess.

6. When Charles tells Sam not to see Mary until he has cleared it with Mrs. Tranter, to what does Sam compare himself?
(a) A schoolboy.
(b) A Derby duck.
(c) A race horse.
(d) A double amputee.

7. How does Sarah begin describing the French lieutenant to Charles?
(a) That he is brave and a gentleman.
(b) That he comes on to her immediately.
(c) That he is handsome and a smooth talker.
(d) That he is pitiful and helpless.

8. What does Charles intend to do on his outing?
(a) Walk to the next county to hunt for fossils.
(b) Stay away from the Cobb.
(c) Avoid going anywhere he might run into Sarah.
(d) Look for Sarah to talk to her.

9. Where are Charles' grandfather's archeological finds housed?
(a) Westminster Abby.
(b) Windsor Castle.
(c) The Louvre.
(d) The British Museum.

10. How does Knowles pull himself into the novel in Chapter 13?
(a) As a novel critique presupposing what the real critics might say.
(b) With questions regarding his methods and purposes for writing the story.
(c) As a bystander who can attest to the truth of the story.
(d) As a counterpart to Charles whose experiences have been different.

11. What is it about Ernestina that allows Sir Robert to disinherit Charles so easily?
(a) Ernestina's toyal title.
(b) Ernestina's prim and proper Victorian ways that will be an asset to Charles.
(c) Ernestina's large dowry that Charles will receive on their marriage.
(d) Ernestina's ability to help Charles in his digging.

12. What happened to Charles' mother?
(a) She died in childbirth to a stillborn girl.
(b) She died of tuberculosis.
(c) She ran off with an Italian.
(d) She fell into the sea on a boat outing.

13. What imagery does Knowles insert at the point in the conversation where Sarah admits to ceasing her cruelty with the lieutenant?
(a) A sudden, strong wind.
(b) A huge crash of the waves against the cliff.
(c) A crow floating close overhead.
(d) The cry of a lost sheep.

14. What is Ernestina's reaction to the flowers Sam delivers from Charles?
(a) She wants to know if a shop keeper delivered the flowers.
(b) She jumps from bed and dances around the room.
(c) She frowns because she has been imagining unfaithfulness of Charles' part.
(d) She frowns because she is ashamed of herself.

15. What terrible image does Mrs. Talbot have from the literature she reads?
(a) A picture of Sarah after jumping from a cliff.
(b) A picture of Sarah reduced to working in a house of ill repute.
(c) A picture of Sarah dying of starvation.
(d) A picture of Sarah begging on the streets.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Charles and Ernestina dressed on their walk down the Cobb?

2. THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN takes place in what historical era?

3. After parting from Sarah and leaving Sam and Mary, what are Charles' thoughts?

4. What does Mrs. Poulteney say of rumors about Mary, Mrs. Tranter's maid?

5. What shop in Lyme is somewhat famous?

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