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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the simpering daughters of the Lady seduce Charles in order to snare him as a husband for one of them?
(a) Get him alone in the garden.
(b) Wear seductive clothes.
(c) Propose marriage to him.
(d) Pretend they were interested in his paleontology.

2. What is Charles' plan for maintaining distance from Sarah.
(a) To tell Ernestina all about his meetings with her.
(b) To put a time limit on their meetings.
(c) To avoid her at all costs.
(d) To gently remind her of their social difference.

3. What is unimaginable to Charles in a relationship with a woman?
(a) Darwinian selection.
(b) Social equality.
(c) Intimacy of thought and feeling.
(d) Loving two women at the same time.

4. What annoying habit did Aunt Tranter have which causes Ernestina consternation?
(a) She is an inveterate gossip.
(b) She sits at her window with a telescope.
(c) She dips snuff in the parlor.
(d) She insists on being a chaperone for Ernestina and Charles.

5. What does Mrs. Poulteney say of rumors about Mary, Mrs. Tranter's maid?
(a) This this morning she was seen talking to a person.
(b) That she had been walking on the Ware Commons.
(c) That she had been seen at the pub.
(d) That she was meeting a young man behind the dairy.

6. In the meeting in the secluded place, what does Sarah talk about?
(a) She talks about wanting to marry and have children.
(b) She confesses what she did and why she did it.
(c) She talks about the hypocarcy of the people of Ryme.
(d) She talks about her innocence.

7. How did Charles' father rid him of the desire to become a priest?
(a) By sending him to Paris for six months.
(b) By increasing his allowance.
(c) By threatening to cut off his inheritance.
(d) By taking Charles to a brothel.

8. How does Knowles use these changes to invite suspense?
(a) He suggests that something sinister is about to happen.
(b) He states that Charles still does not guess.
(c) He makes the reader expect great things for Charles.
(d) He suggests that the uncle has regained his health.

9. Why is Charles thought of as an interesting young man?
(a) Because he was as well known as Disraeli and Gladstone.
(b) Because he was easy to catch in a matriomonial trap.
(c) Because his travels had rubbed away the patina of seriousness.
(d) Because there was no cynicism about him.

10. How are Charles and Ernestina dressed on their walk down the Cobb?
(a) In clothes suited to the taste of Lyme Regis.
(b) In riding habits.
(c) In raincoats and boots.
(d) Very stylishly for the day.

11. What transpires between Mrs. Tranter and Sarah?
(a) Looks of revulsion.
(b) An invitation and acceptance of a visit to Mrs. Tranter's house.
(c) A challenge of sorts to see who would break first.
(d) An approval of Mrs. Poulteney.

12. Why does Mrs. Talbot decide not to rehire Sarah Woodruff?
(a) Her husband flatly refuses to have Sarah back.
(b) She is afraid of her neighbors' gossip.
(c) She is aghast at the brazenness of Sarah for even coming to see her.
(d) She thinks Sarah's experience with the lieutenant would impair her concentration on the children.

13. What are the two obsessions of Mrs. Poulteney?
(a) Wine and fine cuisine.
(b) Lawlessness and cursing.
(c) Dirt and immorality.
(d) Vulgarity and rudeness.

14. What is Charles' quandary over Sarah's disappearance?
(a) He suspects she may be prepared to blackmail him.
(b) If she committed suicide, she may have left a not implicating him.
(c) If she is still alive, he has a responsibility to her.
(d) If she is alive, he knows where she probably is but cannot tell anyone.

15. What rests on a table at the bay window of Dr. Grogan's house?
(a) Surgical instruments.
(b) A Gregorian telescope.
(c) A collection of fossils.
(d) A copy of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What coincidence saves Charles from having to face Ernestina with his lies of omission?

2. On the bright, sunny morning in Lyme, how does Ernestina awaken?

3. What terrible image does Mrs. Talbot have from the literature she reads?

4. What had the servants at Winsyatt gossiped about Charles as he visited his uncle.

5. What is Sarah's position in Charmouth?

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