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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 60 and 61.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What terrible image does Mrs. Talbot have from the literature she reads?
(a) A picture of Sarah begging on the streets.
(b) A picture of Sarah after jumping from a cliff.
(c) A picture of Sarah reduced to working in a house of ill repute.
(d) A picture of Sarah dying of starvation.

2. Where does Charles establish his quarters after his father's death?
(a) In Wales.
(b) In Balmory.
(c) In Kensington.
(d) In Essex.

3. What expression applied to a boy or girl is guaranteed to despoil their reputation for life?
(a) One of the Cobb walker kids.
(b) One of the Ware Commons kids.
(c) One of the Dairy Lane kids.
(d) One of the Lyme Green kids.

4. Where does Charles go after leaving the Freeman mansion?
(a) To his best friend's house
(b) To the theatre
(c) To his club on St. James
(d) To his flat in Kensington

5. What criminal idea pops into Sam's head?
(a) Finding Sarah and killing her to protect Charles.
(b) Blackmailing Charles because he knows about his meeting with Sarah.
(c) Finding Sarah and forcing her to have sex with him.
(d) Blackmailing Ernestina to prevent him from destroying Charles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Charles meet face-to-face as he exits the shed?

2. What decision does Charles make on his way from Exeter to Lyme?

3. What does Mrs. Poulteney insist as requisites for a companion?

4. What characteristics make Aunt Tranter very special?

5. What is Sarah's explanation for lying about Varguennes?

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