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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 60 and 61.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What resolution does Charles make on his way back to Lyme?
(a) To break off his engagement to Ernestina.
(b) To have physical relations with Sarah the next time they meet.
(c) To avoid Sarah of his own free will.
(d) To go to confession.

2. What is in the letter from Dr. Grogan?
(a) His report that the whole community is talking about charles.
(b) Information that Sarah has left Lyme.
(c) The thought that there is no need for confession or absolution.
(d) A suggestion of how he can continue with Sarah in secret.

3. What double duty does Sam perform at Mrs. Tranter's door?
(a) He delivers Charles' bouquet for Ernestina and a smaller one for Mary, the maid.
(b) He delivers the flowers for Ernestina and an invitation to a dance for Mary.
(c) He delivers the flowers along with a singing telegram.
(d) He recites a poem to Mary as he gives her the flowers for Ernestina.

4. What coincidence saves Charles from having to face Ernestina with his lies of omission?
(a) A telegram from London saying he is urgently needed.
(b) A fire at Aunt Tranter's house.
(c) Aunt Tranter has a heart attack.
(d) Ernestina has been called back to London.

5. What is the outcome of Charles' interview with Ernestina's father, Mr. Freeman?
(a) He withdraws his offer of Ernestina's hand in marriage.
(b) Mr. Freeman increases Ernestina's dowry.
(c) Charles cannot bring himself to tell the truth.
(d) Mr. Freeman does not object to Charles' change in fortune.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Charles establish his quarters after his father's death?

2. After leaving the brothel, what does Charles do?

3. How does Charles explain his separation from Ernestina when he visits the club.

4. What new service does Charles use to try and locate Sarah?

5. What imagery does Knowles insert at the point in the conversation where Sarah admits to ceasing her cruelty with the lieutenant?

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