The French Lieutenant's Woman Character Descriptions

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Ernestina Freeman - Charles' pretty fiancee is a typical Victorian woman--obedient and demure, with an intense fear of sexuality.

Dr. Grogan - Charles' old bachelor friend and confidante who encourages Charles to view Sarah as a fascinating study in human behavior but tries to dissuade him from entering into a relationship with her.

Mrs. Poulteney - She takes in Sarah to prove her own pious, charitable nature. She is "the epitome of all the most crassly arrogant traits of the ascendant British Empire."

Sam - Charles' servant who enjoys a friendly, trusting relationship with his master, however he betrays that trust when he determines to blackmail Charles.

Charles Smithson - A young, English gentleman whose distinguishing trait is laziness. While he wrestles with his position in the world, he turns his attention to science, specifically to a study of fossils.

Aunt Tranter - She is a fitting...

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