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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mauriac's teachers not consider him?
(a) A waste of time.
(b) A fast learner.
(c) A chosen vessel.
(d) A bright student.

2. What time was recess at Grand-Lebrun?
(a) 7:00.
(b) 2:00.
(c) 12:00.
(d) 4:00.

3. What kind of mustache did M. Lecuyer wear?
(a) Fu Manchu.
(b) A handlebar one.
(c) The walrus.
(d) A military one.

4. How did Mauriac live as a child?
(a) In a nightmare.
(b) In a static pathway.
(c) In fear.
(d) In a poetic trance.

5. In remembering his time at Grand-Lebrun, what season is it?
(a) Fall.
(b) Winter.
(c) Spring.
(d) Summer.

6. What does the prodigal son first think about after falling out of love with himself?
(a) His father's face.
(b) His mother's face.
(c) His brothers.
(d) Home.

7. In what year did Francois Mauriac win the Nobel Peace Prize?
(a) 1818.
(b) 1905.
(c) 1990.
(d) 1952.

8. What is the nearest village to Daru's schoolhouse?
(a) Vische.
(b) Tadjid.
(c) Monte Pire.
(d) Mardered.

9. What does the following line by Rimbaud mean: mais vous j'ai trop pleure, les aubes sont navrantes?
(a) "But you cannot be happy, you babes of nativity."
(b) "But you have too much crying, the blades are heartbreaking."
(c) "Always be happy, you never be sad."
(d) "Care for those around you, and only those."

10. What does the doctor find is the cause of the main character's special power in "The Passer-Through-Walls"?
(a) Hyperthymesic Syndrome.
(b) Hardening of the strangulatory wall of the thyroid vesicle.
(c) Aquagenic Urticaria.
(d) Chairi Malformation.

11. What has stopped Daru's students from coming to school in "The Guest"?
(a) Heat.
(b) Rain.
(c) Draught.
(d) Snow.

12. In "The Return of the Prodigal Son", how does Gide describe his literary work?
(a) As a painting.
(b) As a reflection in a mirror.
(c) As a heresy.
(d) As a truth.

13. In "Grand-Lebrun", what color are the tiles of the school floor?
(a) Red and white.
(b) Blue and white.
(c) Black and white.
(d) Brown and black.

14. Why does the eldest son say he is different from the prodigal son?
(a) The oldest son lives by order.
(b) The oldest son has pride.
(c) The oldest son only wishes he could leave.
(d) The oldest son has no honor.

15. What does the main character's office door read in "The Passer-Through-Walls"?
(a) "No Entry."
(b) "Exit Only."
(c) "Storeroom."
(d) "Private."

Short Answer Questions

1. What made the prodigal son feel close to his father?

2. What would Mauriac say in front of a mirror?

3. Who does Judas begin to visit when he decides he wants to know "the other side of things"?

4. According to the editor, what was Claudel always guided by?

5. What does the prodigal son say he can still taste, even after partaking of the calf at the feast?

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