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1. Why is Micromegas' name appropriate?

Micromegas' name is appropriate for him because he is a very big man. The narrator describes Micromegas as "eight leagues high." This translates into "twenty-four thousand geometrical paces of five feet each."

2. Why was Micromegas condemned?

Micromegas was condemned for writing a book. The topic of this book was very controversial according to the mufti. The book was about the bodies of fleas being of the same substance as a slug.

3. Why was Micromegas impressed by the secretary of the Academy of Saturn?

Micromegas was very impressed by the secretary of the Academy of Saturn. Although the secretary had never created any inventions for himself, he was well versed in the inventions of others, "produced" good verse, and computations.

4. Why are the secretary and the other men of his planet upset with the small number (72) of senses that they have in "Micromegas?"

The secretary, and the men of his planet, is upset with the number of senses that they have. They are upset because their "imagination surpasses their needs." They believe that only having 72 senses limits them.

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